Another OnePlus Nord 2 Blasts, Company To Recall All Nord 2 Handsets?

Another OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire. A new OnePlus Nord 2 blast has been reported. The case has been reported in India, and this time the Nord 2 unit blasted in a lawyer’s black robe. Uploaded on Twitter, Advocate Gaurav Gulati reported his OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire and exploded later on, he also shared the images on his tweet. According to the user, the burnt OnePlus Nord 2 was not even getting charged, it was sitting idle.

Another OnePlus Nord 2 Blasts, Company To Recall All Nord 2 Handsets?

It’s not the first time a OnePlus Nord 2 exploded, it’s reportedly the third unit of Nord 2 to have caught fire for no reason.

The first incident was cited by the company to have been caused by external factors. The second incident was later called out to be a hoax. 

Now, the OnePlus Nord 2 blast images shared by Advocate Gaurav Gulati shows the phone in very poor condition, burnt badly. As per the report by MySmartPrice, the phone was in Gulati’s lawyer’s robe, and when he felt something warm in his pocket with smoke coming out, he realised his OnePlus Nord 2 was burning, and he immediately threw his robe away.

OnePlus Nord 2 then caught fire and exploded inside Gulati’s chamber. He said the smartphone was not plugged in for charging, and the phone was on 90 percent charge left when the incident took place.

OnePlus reached out to Gulati and asked him to submit the burnt OnePlus Nord 2 for further investigation.

The lawyer has filed a legal complaint against OnePlus India and has submitted the device to the police for further investigation. He is also said to be filing a complaint to the consumer court and asking the authorities to stop the sales of the OnePlus Nord 2 in India. The lawyer further added that OnePlus has been insensitive about the matter, and refused to accept any monetary compensation from the smartphone manufacturer.

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