Govt Will Remove All Toll Plazas! GPS-Based Toll Tax Collection Proposed For Entire Nation

The tech required to make the GPS-based tolling plans come to life is not available in India.

The government has begun work on a project which will replace existing toll plazas with GPS-based tolling system.


The Advantages

This could render highway toll plazas obsolete and would go a long way towards prevention of congestion and long queues there.

It would also help the government save hundreds of crores apart from making travel “hassle-free for the commuters.”

A concrete policy could come out in as soon as 3 months, said Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways.

In Talks With Foreign Companies

The tech required to make the GPS-based tolling plans come to life is not available in India.

Therefore, the ministry has started communications with some Korean and Russian players who can help bridge the gap.

Gadkari said that the ministry has “already received presentations from them” and added that they are open to suggestions from Indian companies as well.

FASTag Technology

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system using passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is implemented in order to make tolling efficient and to ensure seamless movement of traffic.

Presently, all fee plaza lanes on national highways have been transformed into FASTag lanes from February onwards.

It is seeing rapid adoption with 96% penetration across the country.

Highway Construction Rate To Increase

In other news, Gadkari informed that his ministry is in the process of speeding up highway construction from 40 km to 100 km a day.

The obstacles preventing that from happening were the decision-making process and subsequent delays.

In order to tackle this, the government is pushing towards a “time-bound, result oriented, transparent and corruption free system.” 

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