TikTok Beats Facebook To Become World’s #1 App! Is TikTok Launching In India?

TikTok Beats Facebook To Become World's #1 App! Is TikTok Launching In India?
TikTok Beats Facebook To Become World’s #1 App! Is TikTok Launching In India?

TikTok has always been a sensation, ever since its launch in 2016.

And now, a global survey of downloads in the year 2020 has revealed that TikTok is at the top of the list of social media providers.

However, the study has been conducted since 2018, and this is the first time that the app has topped the list.

TikTok Is The Most Downloaded App In 2020

The global survey of downloads in 2020 has shown that Tiktok has been the most downloaded app. In fact, the Chinese app has managed to beat Facebook as well! The data compiled by Nikkei Asia from the US-based — data and analytics platform — ’App Annie’ show.

The report states that seven of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world in 2020 have been developed by companies that are based out of the US. Additionally, four of the top five apps, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are owned by the same company. 

TikTok is also the second most downloaded app after Facebook in Asia (excluding China). 

As per Chuzen Kin, marketing manager at App Annie, an app market intelligence company, “The total viewing time for TikTok in the US and UK is longer than that for YouTube, and short videos will continue to attract attention. In terms of content, music and comedies are becoming more popular.”

Will TikTok Make A Comeback In India?

On the other hand, other video apps, such as Likee, a Chinese app and competitor to TikTok, are also increasing in popularity.

There also has been news that TikTok will soon make a comeback to India soon as a rebranded TickTock. The parent company ByteDance has filed for a trademark in the country for the same name. Recently PUBG Mobile made its way to India again after being banned with a new name, Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now in a similar fashion we may see TikTok launching in India in a rebranded TickTock. The short video social media platform has been massively popular in the country, and since the ban, several similar India-made apps cropped up.

Telegram also has shot up to popularity in the last year. Apparently, it was a huge hit with protesters in Hong Kong and Thailand who wished to conduct operations under the state radar. The app also allows users to delete posts and was originally developed in Russia, now based in Germany. The app was previously in the 15th position in 2019 and has now risen to seventh position in 2020 in Asia (excluding China). Whereas, globally, the app has also moved up one position in global 7 rankings among the most downloaded. 

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