Chaat, Paan Sellers, Fruit Vendors Are Millionaires In This UP City! IT Officers Shocked

Sneaky ‘Dhannaseths’ like these cleverly disguise themselves in order to draw attention away from their fortunes.

In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, the income tax department has made some bizarre discoveries.


Roadside Vendors Secretly Crorepatis

Several street food vendors including those selling chaat, crispy-kachori, chai-samosa, and paan have been found to have enormous wealth and property on which they do not pay any tax at all.

These traders have been working for years without registering their business with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) which oversees food safety of eateries, etc.

Rather, they close shop as soon as police and other authorities are spotted.

Land, Cars, Property

According to the investigation carried out with the aid of data software and other technical tools, 256 such millionaires have been unearthed.

It has been found that some fruit vendors actually own hundreds of acres of good cultivable land.

Meanwhile, as the middle class struggles financially under the pandemic, scrap dealers have been found to be owning 3 cars. 

One in Lalbangla area and two scrap dealers in Bekonganj have apparently purchased properties worth over Rs 10 crore in two years.

Owning Properties In High-End Areas

Sneaky ‘Dhannaseths’ like these cleverly disguise themselves in order to draw attention away from their fortunes upon which they are obligated to pay income tax and GST.

Collectively, such ‘traders’ were found to be owning property worth over Rs 375 crore in 4 years.

The properties were located in swanky commercial areas like Aryanagar, Swaroop Nagar, Birhana Road, Hulaganj, Pirod, and Gumti.

These unscrupulous elements had also accumulated over Rs 30 crores worth of Kisan Vikas Patra small saving certificates.

They also held 650 bighas of agricultural land.

Evading Taxes While Sitting On Crores

Paan shop owners in Aryanagar, Swaroop Nagar, and Birhana Road purchased properties worth Rs 5 crore during the pandemic.

A snack seller from Mallroad pays Rs.1.25 lakh as rent per month on different carts. 

Two people of Swaroop Nagar, and Hulaganj bought two buildings and chaat sellers in Birhana Road, Mall Road, and P Road invested heavily on land.

Over 65 small grocery store owners and chemists were revealed to have not registered with GST despite earning crores.

Tactics Used But Mistakes Made

These people went to cooperative banks and availed small finance schemes to conceal their wealth from the government

Another tactic deployed included registering property in the name of relatives.

However, a misstep they made was entering their PAN number in government documents which allowed authorities to track them down. 

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