1TB Data For Less Than Rs 250! JioFiber Offering These ‘Data Sachets’ For Broadband Users

The 1TB Data Plan costs Rs 234.82 (including taxes) and lasts 7 days.

JioFiber, presently one of India’s leading broadband service providers, is offering 1TB or 1,000GB of data for less than Rs 250.

JioFiber is the broadband arm of Reliance Jio which is the country’s topmost telecom operator at present.


Plan Features

The 1TB Data Plan costs Rs 234.82 (including taxes) and lasts 7 days.

Users can enjoy speeds of 100 Mbps and upon consumption of fair-usage-policy (FUP) data, the speed throttles down to 1 Mbps.

Other features include free voice calling.

It should be noted that this is a ‘Data Sachet’ which can be bought after having consumed the FUP data offered by their base plan.

Those It Can Benefit

The need for the plan by the average internet consumer might not be much since JioFiber already offers 3.3TB of data with almost every plan.

However, it might come into use if one runs out of FUP data and needs a certain amount of additional data for a limited time period.

The ‘Data Sachet’ will be available to those who already have a broadband plan in place. 

Airtel And BSNL Yet To Catch Up

So far, neither rivals Airtel nor BSNL have any similar offering. 

So, if users of the two telcos run out of their monthly data limit, there is scarcely any option to obtain additional data.

They do not get any data rollover benefits either as any unused data out of 1TB will expire as the plan ends. 

JioFiber Trial Plans

Those wanting to try out JioFiber can avail of any of the 2 trial plans the telco offers.

The first plan costs Rs 1,500 and the second one Rs 2,500.

Both offer 150 Mbps speed. 

The main difference is that the former does not have OTT bundled services. 

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