India’s 1st 5-Star Hotel Over Railway Tracks To Be Built In This City! How Will It Work?

India's 1st 5-Star Hotel Over Railway Tracks To Be Built In This City! How Will It Work?
India’s 1st 5-Star Hotel Over Railway Tracks To Be Built In This City! How Will It Work?

The Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation is now redeveloping the Gandhinagar Railway Station of Gujarat, and it will come with a five star hotel too! 

The ISRDC is dedicated to working towards Indian Railways’s mission of transforming the railway stations in the country into world-class 24 hour travel hubs. It is also the nodal agency and the main Project Development Agency (PDA) for the redevelopment of railway stations.

Read on to find out more about the transformation of Gujarat’s Gandhinagar Railway Station!

Five Star Hotel Rooms on Gandhinagar Railway Station Of Gujarat

The 5 star hotel will be built on live running tracks and is to be operated by The Leela Group. 

As per reports, a world class railway station has been planned over the station area with more than 300 dive star category rooms. 

A joint venture SPV, of Gandhinagar Railway and Urban Development (GARUD) company was formed to execute these plans with equity contribution of the Government of Gujarat (GoG) and IRSDC in the ratio of 74:26 respectively.

Additionally, reputed international consultants were employed for conducting Vibration and acoustics studies. This will make sure that passengers in concourse and guests in the hotel are not faced with inconvenience during the passage of trains.

Reports have also confirmed that an elevated bridge of 937 m length has been developed in order to reach the hotel at 22 m from ground level. The column layout of the hotel is different from that of the platforms. 

Also, all hotel columns have been terminated at deck level whereas the complete load of the hotel superstructure above deck level passes through transfer girders [7.5 m deep, equivalent to 2 story-building].

Apparently, because of the excessive shearing load, the transfer girder of 7.5 m depth has been provided with ISMB section girders in three layers inside the beam. 

Environment Friendly And Energy Efficient Project

The project is also claimed to be environment friendly and energy efficient, Certified GEM 5 sustainability standards Green Certification from ASSOCHAM. Also, it is aspiring for USGBC Green Building Certification with platinum rating.

Additionally, there also will be Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS) to control the MEPF system at the hotel and the station in order to regulate all electrical / HVAC systems. There also is the purpose to record all essential information that can be used for the evaluation of the performance for green rating.

Furthermore, the station facade and the inside of the station building at the entrance lobby will have artwork depicting the cultural heritage of Gujarat. 

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