[Exclusive] This Unique Startup Aims To Make Safety As A Lifestyle Choice For All Indians! How Will It Work?

[Exclusive] This Unique Startup Aims To Make Safety As A Lifestyle Choice For All Indians! How Will It Work?
[Exclusive] This Unique Startup Aims To Make Safety As A Lifestyle Choice For All Indians! How Will It Work?

Little did we know that the year 2020 could change all of our long-held beliefs and challenge our very existence of life. No contingency plans or back-ups could bring the world back to normalcy! We started valuing the health and well-being of our family and loved ones like never before. As you are reading this, we have still not been able to recover from the pandemic hit.

Would institutions and businesses be able to withstand another breakdown? Is it possible for vaccines to restore normalcy to our lives? With all these questions in mind, “Staying safe and protecting ourselves is the best way forward!”

‘MY’- the World’s first Safety Lifestyle Brand was started with this vision to make safety a lifestyle choice that helps people transition smoothly into the New Normal without making the people feeling compelled or forced to adapt to the changes. 

To tell a little about what we do,

About ‘MY’:

‘MY’, World’s first Safety Lifestyle Brand is a start-up that offers simple yet sustainable solutions to help people adapt to the new normal keeping in mind their safety and protection. All products at ‘MY’ are designed to integrate with our ecosystem, like our everyday products but with a safety quotient. ‘MY’ products are all designed and manufactured by the best in India, whilst adhering to the global standards to ensure plug and play for customers around the world.

Why the name ‘MY’:

Why ‘MY’? We wanted a brand that’s easy for people to remember. Every time they say ‘MY’, they have a sense of ownership of the brand. We worked very hard to keep it very simple. While the company is called MYPPE Wellness Services Pvt Ltd, the brand is ‘MY’.

How we weave technology into people’s lifestyle?

At ‘MY’, we have designed products for peoples’ lifestyles that range from India’s first activated carbon plus copper Series 1 and Series 3 masks which are certified to offer 99.96% protection from pollutants, poisonous gases, bacteria and viruses to India’s first designed and made in India Portable UV Sterilizer – ‘MY’ UV One Pocket sanitizer that sanitizes common touchpoints like gadgets, door handles, keys etc. killing all known bacteria and viruses up to 99.99%, ‘MY’ Anti-viral Overalls made with Level 2 fabric that prevents any viral breach on a daily basis which can be worn and taken off easily on the go and ‘MY’ 40 litre UV Safe Sanitizer Box for sanitizing all the items including packages, parcels and groceries in one go. 

In our services category, in our pipeline is the launch of ‘MY Safe Place’. This will determine the safety of a place in real-time and help customers and employees to engage with the place in confidence. We do this by measuring the air quality and controlling the sanitation parameters of the place using our proprietary patent-pending technology. 

With the launch of ‘MY’ Safe Place, our services will be offered in a low capital-intensive subscription model that enables the Companies, Institutions, and Businesses to assure 100% safety of their place, where they will find no reasons to shutdown ever again.

The issue addressed by ‘MY’ and the solution:

History has shown us that there’ll always be an outbreak of some sort or the other every once in a while. We’ve had Ebola, SARS, MERS, and what have you not. Now it’s Covid-19. Personal hygiene is no longer a choice, but a necessity. It is essential for our safety and the well-being of the people around us. That’s the biggest lesson the pandemic has taught us and that’s exactly the change we are trying to bring into the Market- “Seeing Safety as a Lifestyle”.


‘MY’ UV One is certified for its bacterial and virucidal efficiency by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) and CPCSEA (Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals). ‘MY’ Mask is tested for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and all our products are heavily tested and certified for foolproof delivery by third-party laboratories. The free downloadable test report is available for public access on ‘MY’ website. 

Our Target Audience:

Through ‘MY’ we are building a space around the consciously aware customers that are switching to upgrade their lifestyle by making safety, their priority. As for the others, we are consistently progressing by making them aware and educating the importance of safety and how simple and innovative solutions can help bring back their lives to the New Normal.

Therefore, our Target Audience is parents who want to send their kids safely back to school, saloons, aircrew, Institutions, employees, doctors who are concerned about the safety of their patients, and anybody who wants to make safety a conscious and contended part of their lifestyle.

Challenges faced so far:

Being the first Company in the safety lifestyle space, we had to build the narrative from scratch. All our products are very technical and take a lot of time to develop, but the most important challenge has been testing and approval methods in India. We do not have a strong testing ecosystem in India and this limits ratification of innovation and hence the development of new products like our triple action masks, and UV Sanitizers which ended up consuming a lot of time. Also, our airborne pathogen measuring device used in ‘MY Safe Place’ is now in prolonged testing due to the early limitations of testing in India. 

Future plans:

We want ‘MY’ to be the go-to company for any safety product and service in the future for any individual, organization, or community. We are currently building our Digital infrastructure to scale and will be looking to implement our services in June for our customers for which we are in discussion with investors to raise funding in the second quarter of 2021. 

Initial Investment and Funding:

Financial stability is crucial for a start-up like us and as of now, we are not worried about the evaluation game as much. I am happy to say that ‘MY’ is a completely bootstrapped Company where Raja and I have been taking care of all the financials from our investment close to Rs. 2 crores to help in Research and Innovation and to aid in Scaling our Operations. Right now, we are focusing on making sure that ends meet and we become a sustainable organization but we are looking at early-stage funding in the next month or two as ‘MY Safe Place’ comes into the market.

About the Founder:

The founder of personal lifestyle brand ‘MY’ and a hard-core educationist, Mr Kavin Kandasamy has been in the field of revolutionizing the education industry for 7 years. The launch of his brand ‘MY’ completely resonates his characteristics envisioning products created for a sustainable future and also promoting Made in India Brand for global Consumption. Heading operations for K3 Management & Edu Services Pvt. Ltd. – India, Kavin has been associated with the firm from the past 6 years. He is also an awardee of the Education Evangelist award from India’s leading business journal Forbes. His diverse Professional background ranges from Retail to Safety & Protection, following one central principle and that is sustainability. Under his leadership, the educational business has extended its footprints over 7 institutions spread across 6 campuses serving over 7000 students every year. The organisation has also grown from over 84 employees in 2013 to over 1000 employees in 2019 because of his care and guidance.

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