Every 18+ Indian Will Get Free Vaccines From June 21; Centre Will Give Vaccines To States

From June 21, The central government shall provide free coronavirus vaccine to states for inoculation of all above the age of 18 announced Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday. He also asserted that in coming days, the vaccine supply would be increased significantly in the country.

Center Shall Give Vaccine To States

He said that the government itself shall buy 75% of the total vaccine production from vaccine manufacturers and then provide the same to the state governments.

There have been demands of decentralisation of the vaccine process by various state governments and PM Modi has hit out at opposition states for indulging in ‘vaccine politics’.

He said that there was also opposition to the Centre deciding the age limit for vaccination.

PM Modi added that till now, the India’s vaccination program ran mainly under the supervision of the central government. Also now on the Government of India will also bear the responsibility of 25% of the work related to vaccination with the states whose implementation shall start in coming 2 weeks.

He added that the private sector hospitals may procure 25 per cent of vaccines in the condition that the service charge that they shall charge would in turn be capped at Rs 150 per dose over fixed price of the vaccine.

Several states, amid the decline in COVID-19 cases, are taking cautious steps towards unlocking and easing of restrictions.

While various vaccines against the virus are already been produced by seven companies, trial of three more vaccines is at an advanced stage.

Procurement Of Vaccines From Other Countries Expedited

PM added that the government has expedited the process of procuring vaccines from companies of other countries.

Recently, experts have expressed concerns over children being affected by the virus, Modi said that in this direction trials of two vaccines are being carried out.

Research on a nasal spray vaccine is also being carried out and if it comes out to be successful, it shall significantly boost India’s vaccination drive.

PM added that the nation has proved its mettle by making two made-in-India COVID-19 vaccines in a short time and also the fact that over 23 crore doses have already been administered.

Production of essential medicines has been ramped up, said Modi. New health infrastructure has been created across country as India fights the COVID-19 pandemic on multiple fronts.

Extending his condolences to the bereaved families, he said that India gone through a lot of pain during this battle as many have lives have been lost.

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