Amazon India Removes Products Selling Higher Than MRP; Strict Action Against Such Sellers

Amazon India has suspended 2.5k seller accounts and removed 5.3 lakh essential item listings priced above MRP

Amazon India has been alerted to the actions of many of its sellers who have been marking up prices of essential items in a profit gouging measure. 


Accounts Suspended And Listings Removed

Amazon has taken strict action against 2,500 such seller accounts which have been suspended and the removal of listings of 530,000 of the products violating its pricing mechanisms.

It has taken responsibility for such incidents and has taken prompt action against those in violation of Indian laws against pricing items above their MRP. 

An example was reported in February when face masks were found to be priced at exorbitant rates in an effort to take advantage of desperate customers during a pandemic. 

Amazon And Flipkart Accused Of Fulfilling Non Essential Orders

In a separate incident involving other ecommerce giants such as Flipkart, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), apex trader body in the country alleged that the firms were delivering non essential items. 

They were found to be flouting norms imposed by several states which mandated that during the pandemic only the supply and delivery of essential items would be allowed. 

In its letter, CAIT wrote to Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal that the ecommerce companies were illegally chasing financial gains and taking illegitimate advantage by resuming delivery of non-essential items. 

Amazon’s Rule Enforcement

Amazon has been enforcing its policies with diligence by means of 24/7 monitoring of its stores via manual and automated methods. 

Other measures it is employing include aggressive removal of violators and compliance with govt price circulars .

Amazon Joins India’s Efforts With Oxygen Supply

Amazon India had also announced on April 27 that it would be importing 100 ventilators to India. 

It also informed of its work with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to ensure the ventilators adhere to technical standards. 

The tech giant also went on to fund 100 units of Medtronic’s PB980 model of ventilators and ensured compatibility checks for the same. 

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