SaaS Employees Get 30% More Salary Than IT Employees: 5 Top SaaS Skills In Demand

SaaS Employees Get 30% More Salary Than IT Employees: 5 Top SaaS Skills In Demand
SaaS Employees Get 30% More Salary Than IT Employees: 5 Top SaaS Skills In Demand

With all the hype in the pandemic and job situation in the job market, getting a job is tough for engineers in India nowadays.

But no worries there as this skills can give you an edge over other candidates, yes — we are talking about, set of skills, SaaS-y skills.

Potential Career Opportunity For Engineers

So far, Indian software-as-a-service (SaaS) market is at its beginning stage and considered as young.

However, this is the domain where the real money lies, for an engineer. 

Currently, demand is overflowing in this segment and could be considered a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic’s ‘digital transformation’ wave.

According to the director and head of talent strategy at venture capital company Lightspeed Venture Partners,  Siddharth Sangwan, “COVID-related trail winds have led to a massive leverage using technology and that in turn leading firms to look at incrementing their teams with high quality engineers,”.

On top of that the salaries in SaaS firms are at least 30% higher than traditional IT services, as confirmed by the Recruitment firm TeamLease.

Better Growth For SaaS Firm

“The potential for growth is better as a SaaS firm because product development on this platform is more robust and exposure to technology is higher. Whereas in traditional IT service companies, they tend to stick to one project for longer durations,” explained Siva Prasad Nanduri, the vice president and business head of IT Staffing at TeamLease Digital.

Five SaaS Skills In Demand

According to the chief executive officer (CEO) of Quess IT Staffing, Vijay Sivaram, “Organisations are looking to hire talent with bundled skill sets, rather than just one skill, driving up the salary expectations and offers in the market,”.

To make it robust, having at least two years of experience is all you need to capitalise on your skillset

Remember that your knowledge is what companies are looking for when they are hiring.

So it doesnt which sector you were in, or what brand you were working on.

But, just having the right set of skills is not enough as a potential employee must also know how to use those skills to get the job done.

This thought was mentioned by Sirion Labs, a contract life-cycle management company having clients like Vodafone, Unilever, Credit Suisse, and EY, agrees that experience is key.

While talking about the skill, the co-founder and CEO of SirionLabs, Ajay Agrawal noted that “When it comes to technical hires specialising in AI/ analytics/data science, we look for top talent with practical experience in NLP, streaming applications (Kafka, Rabbitmq), and programming languages such as Python and R,”.

In this race of hiring, the traditional companies, startups and small business firms are showing equal interest and willing to offer more money.

So this could be considered a game changer for an individual and masses seeking employment.

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