This Railway Zone Achieves 100% Punctuality For Running Trains; Creates A New Record In India

South Western Railways has achieved a 100% punctuality rate on April 3 and 4

South Western Railway (SWR) zone has achieved the rare accomplishment of being punctual for 2 straight days on April 3 and 4. 

Perfect Score

The target set by the Railway Ministry for financial year 2020-21 was a punctuality rate of 88%, which SWR has surpassed, clocking in 100%- a perfect score. 

All trains operational in SWR have arrived and departed as per scheduled time and not a minute too late or too soon. 

History of Top Performance

This is yet another feather in the cap for SWR which last year had ranked 4th in a major comeback from 16th position in the All India Zonal Railways Punctuality index of 17 railway zones ranked on the basis of punctuality. 

This achievement is highlighted by the fact that currently 188 trains run under the overview of SWR. 70 of these are holiday special trains, 65 are mail/express and 53 are passenger special trains. 

The Success Team

All credit goes to the departments of Operating, Engineering, Signal and Telecom who have contributed with persistent and diligent efforts in keeping the massive infrastructure running smoothly and with respect to time , punctuality and passenger safety and convenience. 

South Western Railways’ General Manager, Gajanan Mallya, extended gratitude and compliments to all the railway staff and officials who pitched in with their stellar work ethic and dedication to keep one of India’s oldest and most important public institutions on steady rails. 

He also urged and encouraged them to maintain this momentum of punctuality which will serve to enhance railway passengers’ experience with regards to convenience and comfort. 

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