Women Beats Men In Investment, Tax Saving Skills! Women Earning 10% More Returns Than Men (Report)

Women Beats Men In Investment, Tax Saving Skills! Women Earning 10% More Returns Than Men (Report)
Women Beats Men In Investment, Tax Saving Skills! Women Earning 10% More Returns Than Men (Report)

Today, modern women are standing tall and playing an active role in every part of the Indian economy from IT to Business, Finance, Law, Politics and other major fields. 

With all the realization gain with independence and equality, more women in India are becoming cognizant of the importance of investing. 

To those who still follow the myth that women are not as savvy as men in terms of investing, or that they have a risk-averse ‘savings’ vs an ‘investment’ mindset. 

The latest investment report from the investment app, ETMONEY, based on financial insights collated from its female user-base, on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021 will definitely be an eye-opener.


What Does This Report Say?

This report mainly reveals the debunk myths about the financial behavior of women.

It also helps in gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying factors that have paved the way for the success of women investors in India.

Women Earned Better Returns Than Men

Interestingly, in the past 4 years, women investors on ETMONEY have earned around 10% more returns every year as compared to their male counterparts, as per the report.

This shows that their investments offer the best returns in 2020, which seems to be the year that challenged every investor. 

Here, the difference in the average annual returns earned by men and women is reflective of two key traits where women investors are turning savvier in finance and honing healthier financial habits.

Women Investors Having Maximum Tax Saving

Reports reveal that with time, women investors have also mastered the art of maximizing tax savings. 

The report shows that an average of around 15% of their portfolio in ELSS funds, compared to men at only 12%. 

This also helped women in combining tax-savings with wealth creation.

Women Investors Have Near Perfect Asset Allocation Ratio

According to their age, ETMONEY women investors have a near-perfect asset-allocation ratio. 

With that said, they have displayed an extraordinary understanding of market movements and upping their investments during market corrections.

Sound Investors Compared To Men

The ETmoney women have demonstrated the hallmarks of being more sound investors as compared to men.

They also show focus on their investment goals as they are more regular with their SIP installments as compared to men.

Women Investing Across All Age Group And Geographies

The report reveals that more women across all age groups and geographies joining in, as they are gaining confidence in their ability to invest. 

The graph shows the rising trend of women from tier II and tier III cities taking to investing, changing the conventional dynamics.

“Well as we have seen, women already are smart investors. There has been a 4X growth over the past 4 years in the amount invested by them on our platform, with more women across all age groups and geographies joining in. And one of the key attributes to this growth is the increased awareness and knowledge amongst them. The more one learns about investing, the more confident one feels, and that perhaps is one thing all women should look to double down upon in future. As once you start and cross that line, the confidence you gain every day and the experience you attain, will itself make you a better investor”, said Mukesh Kalra, the Co-founder-CEO – ETMONEY. 

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