Census 2021: Govt Will Ask You These 31 Questions (Which Phone You Use, Which Cereal You Eat & More!)

Census 2021: Govt Will Ask You These 31 Questions (Which Phone You Use, Which Cereal You Eat & More!)
Census 2021: Govt Will Ask You These 31 Questions (Which Phone You Use, Which Cereal You Eat & More!)

As per the reports coming in,  the Government of India has released a notification for Census 2021 with a set of questions that will be asked to the people at the time of the survey.

How Did This Happen?

The census exercise, which is expected to begin on 1 April this year, will have some interesting questions for the people.

There were a lot of misconceptions floating around this session. So clearing the air of misconception fuelled by the opposition parties regarding the National Population Register and the Census, the government has released a notification for Census 2021.

What Does This Notification Say?

The notification includes a list of 31 questions that the census officers are tasked to obtain information from the residents.

As the conventional way, the enumerators will not only be asking questions about the number of people in your household, they would also like to know the cereal you eat, whether your family owns a telephone, mobile phone, car or jeep or van etc.

On Thursday, according to a notification issued the Registrar General and Census Commissioner said the census officers have been directed to ask as many as 31 questions to collect information from every household during the houselisting and housing census exercise. 

What Kind Of Questions Will Be Asked During Census 2021?

The government has informed that the questions related to main source of lighting, whether the family has access to a toilet, the type of toilet, waste water outlet, availability of bathing facility, availability of kitchen and LPG/PNG connection and main fuel used for cooking will also be asked by the enumerators.

They have also clarified that the notification, however, made it clear that the mobile number will be sought only for census-related communications and not for any other purpose.

Apart from that, the other information that will be sought from every household is: Whether the family owns a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, moped, radio or transistor, television, laptop or computer or has access to the internet.

They also informed about the Information will also be sought on building number (municipal or local authority or census number), census house number, predominant material of the floor, wall and roof of the house, use of the house, its condition, household number, name of the head of the household and the person’s sex.

Not on that, the enumerators will ask whether the head of the household belongs to a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe or Other category, ownership status of the census house, number of dwelling rooms exclusively in possession of the household, number of married couple(s) living in the household, main source of drinking water, availability of drinking water source and main cereal consumed in the household.

What Is The Plan For Execution Of Census 2021?

As per the reports, the 2021 census will be conducted through a mobile phone application, moving away from the traditional pen and paper.

Also, the census will have its reference date as March 1, 2021, but for snow-bound Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand it will be October 1, 2020.

Moreover, The central government has also decided to prepare a National Population Register (NPR) consisting of a list of the usual residents of the country by September 2020 which will be carried out along with the house-listing phase of the census.

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