KPMG India Will Hire 1000 Employees For These Critical Skill-Set; Hiring Will Increase Pan-India

KPMG India is seeking to hire approximately 1000 professionals in various domains for digital professionals.

The regions for which these positions are open are the North, West, South. Skills such as Cloud, AI, Cyber, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence and domain specialization are the skills that they are KPMG is particularly looking for. Company is looking right from early professionals with 2 years of experience to more seasoned professionals with 15-18 years of experience under their belt.

KPMG Transformative Value Proposition

An astounding response in the market has been generated by KPMG;s transformative value propositions and they are hiring to power all the large-scale transformation projects to execute the projects for clients. The scale of these projects is such that they demand year-long investments in effort, resources, and technology implementations. To help address the growing demand and scope of these engagements, company is planning to hire several thousand people in the coming years said Akhilesh Tuteja – Partner and Head, Digital Consulting at KPMG.

He added that the incredible business value is unlocked by massive cloud, cyber and data transformations eventually generating net new lines of revenue for our clients as well as the organization.

Accelerated, repeatable value offerings relevant across industries and sectors is thus obtained as these projects and expertise offer rich avenues for cross-pollination allowing the opportunity to convert learnings in one context to many.

AI, Data Science & Cybersecurity Are Critical Skillset

Earlier, whether it was regarding distribution network or running order book, digital interventions for businesses were all about shifting to ERPs and CRMs but now with proliferation and exponential scale of adoption of internet as well as emerging technologies such as cloud, AI, cybersecurity, intelligent automation, business operations have been disrupted with customers at the center of innovation thus increasing the demand for new skills in the market.

The primary focus of the company is on business-led transformation projects driven by AI and technology. The new hires people will work on these modern technology like AI, data science and cybersecurity.

KPMG is mainly looking for multi-generational candidates who are capable as well as eager to learn who are passionate about digital technologies irrespective of gender, background, industry, work experience.

Women who are looking to restart their careers as well as people who lost their jobs among the pandemic are expected to benefit from this opportunity. To grow its team by a factor of three in the next three years, KPMG plans to hire several thousand people in the coming years. The breakup of the hiring will be 30% freshers, 50% experienced and 20% senior executives.

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