Get Free FASTags At 700 Toll Plazas Till This Date; Don’t Pay Toll If FASTags Scanner Not Working!

The number of FASTag users has increased in the last two days. Still, the National Highway Authority of India has started issuing the RFID tag that enables electronic payment of toll charges free at toll plazas and will continue till March 1.

Record FASTag Transactions

Daily toll collection via FASTags hit a record of ?95 crores with almost 60 lakh transactions on Wednesday. Also, the NHAI had said that users without FASTags will have to pay double charges of the prescribed toll in cash. According to NHAI sources, it is too early to guess the amount of “double toll” collected.

If a customer faces any technical hurdle at the toll plaza, those who have FASTags can pass toll plazas without paying any charge as long as there is balance in their tags, said NHAI officials.

The usage of FASTag has reached the level of almost 90 percent within two days of the NHAI mandating electronic toll payment. To boost the acceptance of FASTag usage, the NHAI declared that users can avail free FASTag over 770 toll plazas on National and State highways across the country till March 1.

 A sale of over 2.5 lakh tags has set a record in the last two days, said NHAI.

How to check balance?

 You can check the balance on ‘My FASTag App’ any time by using the check balance status feature in the app. The ‘My FASTag App’ shows the FASTag wallet balance status in three color codes, those are as follows-

The green color shows a tag with sufficient balance.

The orange color shows a tag with low balance.

And the red color shows a tag with a negative balance.

Also, users can immediately recharge by using the app or at a recharge facility at a toll plaza point of sale, said the release.

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