Pay Rs 5000 For Parking Your Car In Front Of Your Own House In Bengaluru! New Parking Policy Approved

Pay Rs 5000 For Parking Your Car In Front Of Your Own House In Bengaluru! New Parking Policy Approved
Pay Rs 5000 For Parking Your Car In Front Of Your Own House In Bengaluru! New Parking Policy Approved

A parking policy for Bengaluru prepared in 2012 is experiencing a rebranding as Parking Policy 2.0. The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) decided on a redraft after the city saw the emergence of public transport options such as the metro, cab aggregators, shared bikes and bicycles. 

If the policy materialises, which is expected to take from 6 months to a year, parking on public roads will now invite a fee, which is dependent on location. 

Intricacies Of The Policy

The pay and park system covers commercial areas, residential zones along with identification of roads where no parking will be allowed at all. 

Parking outside of one’s house will be allowed only if one has a residential parking permit. The demarcations are as follows- 

  1. Rs 1000 a year for small cars, presumably hatchbacks
  2. Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 for medium sized cars
  3. Rs 5000 for MUVs and SUVs

Residential parking permit system is set to be launched in a pilot phase. This means it won’t be launched city-wide just yet but in a few select areas. 

The scheme allows for some flexibility in payment schedules, it offers annual or quarterly payment options which are renewable at the end of term. 

The permit will be formally recognized as authorization to occupy the designated parking area. 

Buyer Beware!

However, to be noted is the fact that even if you have a permit, you aren’t guaranteed a spot but only gives you authority to park on the road the permit is allotted for, given the space is available. 

Furthermore permits are location sensitive and cannot be flashed if one wants to park somewhere else. Permit holder is the vehicle, and not the person. So whoever is at the driver’s seat essentially has the permit. Finally, the holder has to compulsorily reside on the road the permit is issued for. 

The basic rule is one permit per vehicle. Also, buildings that violate the Approved Building Plan or zonal regulations will not be allowed permits. 

There are provisions for shared mobility operators and e-commerce delivery agents who can pay a bulk parking fee. 

In an inclusion meant to encourage usage of public transport, a minimum base parking fee could be set at both ends of an 11km trip.

What Does The Public Think?

Citizens have pointed out that execution will be a mammoth task since the government will be hard pressed to find people willing to pay the fee. 

Others have also complained about the oversight of illegal layouts, unauthorised multi-storied buildings and shabby roads by BBMP and local bodies. 

People have also expressed concerns that the payment structure of the model is too low and that it won’t deter people from buying 4 wheelers or parking them in inappropriate places. 

We suppose only time will tell whether Parking Policy 2.0 will be met with praise or live on in infamy.

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