Indian Railways Launch World’s Cheapest AC Travel With Airplane-Like Facilities (Top 10 Features)

Indian Railways Launch World’s Cheapest AC Travel With Airplane-Like Facilities (Top 10 Features)

On Wednesday, Indian railways launched its first-ever 3 tier economy class coach which is equipped with air conditioners. The train ran its first journey on the tracks of Rail Coach Factory (RCF) Kapurthala to Research Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) Lucknow. According to the ministry, this train gives the experience of world-class travel along with the cheapest services.

The coaches of this economic AC train will be positioned between the current AC 3 tier and non AC sleeper class trains. RCF started working on the idea and design of this train in October last year. To provide the cheapest and the best travel experience, many innovations have been made in it.

Top 10 Features Of This New Train

  1. The capacity of each coach is more as the number of berths has been increased from 72 to 83.
  2. The addition of 11 more berths has been possible because of the shifting of high voltage electric switchgear under the frame.
  3. The train has made room for wider toilets and introduced a toilet specially made for disabled people. Designs of both Indian and Western-style toilets are upgraded.
  4. The design of AC ducting has been changed and each berth is given a dedicated vent to improve cooling.
  5. The design of seats and berths, foldable snack tables have changed to avoid injuries and water bottle/ mobile/ magazine holders have been placed more comfortably.
  6. Along with a common socket, each berth is given individual charging points and reading lights.
  7. The space between the middle and upper berth is increased. The new improved ladders are installed ergonomically. 
  8. The passenger’s facility has been improved by installing public address and passenger information systems.
  9. The fire safety system is enhanced according to the new fire protection standard by using global recommended EN45545-2 HL3 materials.
  10.  The use of luminescent aisle markers and illuminated berth indicators and numbers has made the overall interior look of the train aesthetically pleasing.

The production of the coaches of this revamped train will start from next month. RCF has planned to manufacture 248 units in the ongoing financial year. The introduction of the new economic 3 tier air-conditioned coaches will provide accessibility to quality travel experiences to a large number of people.

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