Shocking! Delhi CM’s Daughter Robbed Of Rs 34,000 While Selling Sofa On Olx (How It Happened?)

Shocking! Delhi CM's Daughter Robbed Of Rs 34,000 While Selling Sofa On Olx
Shocking! Delhi CM’s Daughter Robbed Of Rs 34,000 While Selling Sofa On Olx

Not even the daughter of the Delhi Chief Minister is safe from online scams! Harshita, the only daughter of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was robbed of Rs. 34000 while selling a second-hand sofa on OLX.

Read on to find out what happened!

Delhi CM’s Daughter Robbed Of Rs. 34000 On OLX

Harshita, the only daughter of Arvind Kejriwal was trying to sell off a second-hand sofa on the popular sale-purchase online platform OLX. as per reports, she had already finalized a deal with a potential buyer. 

After the deal was finalized, she was asked to scan a bar code by the scammer in order to transfer the agreed amount to buy the sofa in her account. The criminal then transferred a small amount to her account to establish authenticity. However, the later transactions conducted were money debited from her account in two installments – first Rs 20,000 and then Rs 14,000.

A complaint has been filed against the cyber criminal on charges of cheating at the Civil Lines Police Station near the CM residence. Also, an investigation about the issue is being conducted too.

As per reports, the victim, Harshita, has a chemical engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi) made headlines in 2014 when she scored 96 percent in Class 12 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) exams.

This is not the first time that scammers have used online methods to rob people. According to reports coming in from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) fraudsters have drained Rs 615.39 crore in more than 1.17 lakh cases of credit and debit card frauds over 10 years (April 2009 to September 2019).

How To Avoid Internet Frauds?

  • Do not share account information like CVV, OTP, expiry date, etc. with anyone. No bank employee or online payment app employee is authorized to ask for such information.
  • While searching on various search engines and social media portals, don’t fall prey to unofficial and unauthorized claims and offers. Some of them can lead you to fraud.
  • Do not pick up calls from unidentified numbers claiming to be a bank or online payment app.
  • Do not enter the UPI pin or pay money when you are receiving money.
  • Do not install third-party apps like Screenshare, Teamviewer, etc

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