This Bengaluru Man Robbed Of Rs 7 Lakh While Booking Air Tickets Via App: Never Do This!

Bengaluru Man Robbed Of Rs 7 Lakh While Booking Air Tickets Via App
Bengaluru Man Robbed Of Rs 7 Lakh While Booking Air Tickets Via App

A man from Bengaluru has been robbed off of Rs. 7 lakh while he was trying to book a flight to Thiruvananthapuram. 

Read on to find out how the scam unfolded and what mistakes shouldn’t be done while conducting online transactions.

Bengaluru Man Loses 7 Lakh Rupees While Trying To Book Plane Ticket To Thiruvananthpuram

A man from Bengaluru, around 68 years old, was trying to book a plane ticket to Thiruvananthapuram. He tried booking a ticket for January 18th and through an app. However, the name of the app has not been revealed.

He then received a text message which stated that the payment was not received. However, he found out later that a sum of Rs. 7 lakh had been deducted from his account.

As per the victim, he had called the ticket booking firm’s customer care number on December 31. He then spoke to a customer care executive who stated his name as Deepak Kumar Sharma. 

Victim Calls Customer Care Executive; Receives Multiple OTPs

Sharma told the victim that the sum was unable to be refunded to the original account. He also asked for the details of a different bank account to which the amount would be refunded. The victim then gave him only the last four digits of his account number and yet, he received several OTPs of bank transactions that had happened without him being aware of it. 

He said, ‘A person introducing himself as Deepak Kumar Sharma said he is unable to return the deducted amount due to technical problems. He asked me to provide another bank account number. I revealed only the last four digits of that number, yet I received several OTPs for bank transactions.”

The Whitefield police have taken up a case under cheating and the Information Technology Act and have also launched an investigation for the matter.

How To Avoid Internet Frauds?

  • Do not share account information like CVV, OTP, expiry date, etc. with anyone. No bank employee or online payment app employee is authorized to ask for such information.
  • While searching on various search engines and social media portals, don’t fall prey to unofficial and unauthorized claims and offers. Some of them can lead you to fraud.
  • Do not pick up calls from unidentified numbers claiming to be a bank or online payment app.
  • Do not enter the UPI pin or pay money when you are receiving money.
  • Do not install third-party apps like Screenshare, Teamviewer, etc

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