What Indian Smartphone Buyers Look For: Black Color, Qualcomm Chip, Apple/Samsung Brand!

The reliance of people on their smartphones has increased tremendously in this years. India has huge demand for smartphones in India. Given the income that an average Indian makes, buying smartphone is still a big thing. With so many players in the market vying to be your preferred brand, lets see what exactly Indians look in a smartphone.

  • Indians do not buy phones only on basis of operating systems.
  • Brand, processors, screen size, features RAM, battery life are major considerations for Indians
  • Unique features like facial recognition, thumbprint recognition and many more matter to Indians


Company Preference & Preferred Price Range :-

From a study conducted via votes of 541k people, it was found out that China is the most preferred country of origin for mobile phones at 62%, India at 15%.

About 55% people prefer a phone in the price range of 15000-20000. Only 13% of populace prefers a smartphone in range of 20000-30000.

Features Influencing The Purchase Decision:-

  • Only 5% of people decide based on display
  • 7% decides based on the camera features, 
  • 82% decides based on performance, 
  • 5% decides based on battery and charging 
  • 1% decides based on audio and 3.5mm jack.

In a study conducted via votes from 586k candidates,

  • 70% of candidates prefer to buy phones which have Qualcomm processors
  • 12% of candidates prefer MediaTek processors
  • 8% prefer Enynos processors
  • 8% prefer Apple processors
  • 3% prefer Kirin processors

When it comes to the preferred color,

  • 53% prefer black
  • 6% prefer red
  • 16% prefer white
  • 21% prefer blue/green
  • 4% colour does not matter

As far as camera is concerned, following are the features taken into consideration:-

  • 2% buyers make a purchase based on megapixels
  • 10% based on aperture
  • 15% decides on sensor size
  • 17% decides on sensor brand 
  • 5 % makes a choice on optical zoom

The study has following to say about the battery, which is one of the most sought after factor:-

  • 56% prefer a battery capacity of 5000 mAh
  • 16% prefer smartphones with battery capacity of 4000 mAh
  • 12% look for battery capacity of 4500 mAh
  • 15% prefer buying smartphones with 6000 mAh
  • only 2% prefer buying smartphones which have a battery capacity of 5500 mAh

Preference For Gaming Smartphones:-

After games like PUBG, Ludo taking the market by storm, voting among 221k candidates revealed that interest of populace in gaming smartphones is increasing.

68% of the people are interested in buying gaming smartphones, while 32% don’t.

Innovations Demanded In A New Phone:-

  • 27% demand super-fast charging
  • 26% demand 5G capability
  • 14% demand camera zooming capability
  • 12% demand in-display selfie camera
  • 8% demand foldable display
  • 13% prefer phones which have 108MP camera

Decision Making Process:-

A study was conducted based on 238k votes and it was found that 

  • 5% of people prefer changing phones every 6 months
  • 8% change their phones once a year
  • 74% don’t change till the phone which they use is dead
  • 13% change phones in every 2 years

From a study, following are the statistics that were found that about the research the people do:

  • 37% spend almost 1 week doing research
  • 32% spend 2 to 3 weeks on research
  • 20 % spend 1 month on research
  • 3% spend around 4-6 months on research
  • 1% spend almost 7-12 months on research

As far as sources of research were concerned

  • 68% of people prefer YouTube and Gadget sites
  • 7% ask for recommendations from a friend
  • 10% visit stores
  • 15% check e-commerce websites
  • 24% watch YouTube reviews
  • 44% check gadget websites

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