ICICI Bank Customers Can Now Buy FASTags On Google Pay In 5 Easy Steps

ICICI Bank Customers Can Now Recharge FASTags Using Google Pay In 5 Easy Steps
ICICI Bank Customers Can Now Recharge FASTags Using Google Pay In 5 Easy Steps
  • ICICI banks announces its partnership with Google pay
  • Becomes first bank to provide an online transfer platform for issuance of FASTag.

Earlier we reported that the electronic toll collection FASTag is going to be compulsory from the start of year 2021. Now according to the latest reports, ICICI bank has partnered with Google Pay and this partnership is going to make FASTag even more convenient for travellers.

What Is The Partnership Between ICICI Bank And Google Pay?

Yesterday, 28 December 2020, ICICI banks announced the news of its partnership with online money transfer platform Google pay. Because of this partnership ICICI bank consumers will now be able to obtain and operate FASTag through Google pay.

The online payment platform offered by Google Pay will make it very easy for its customers to issue and recharge FASTag registered through the ICICI bank account. This initiative has made ICICI bank the first to collaborate with GPay and bring this convenience to its users.

Head of Unsecured Assets at ICICI bank, Sudiota Roy said, “ICICI Bank said that its collaboration with Google Pay will further strengthen digital payments for FASTag. The organisation recently integrated FASTag at Mumbai toll plazas and parking zone at GMR Hyderabad International Airport,”

How Is This Partnership Going To Help FASTag?

The initiative is noteworthy since it is allowing Google pay users to receive their FASTags without going anywhere or coming in contact with anyone which is very necessary in the course of the pandemic. 

Besides, Google pay is the most used online payment platform in India hence we can imagine the number of users that can be benefitted by this specially when FASTags are going to be compulsory form next year.

Sharing her opinion, Praveena Rai, COO at the National Payment Corporation Of India (NPCI) said “With this collaboration, consumers will have an added benefit of being able to recharge their FASTag seamlessly and conveniently via UPI on Google Pay,”

How To Activate FASTag using Google Pay?

Step 1: Open Google Pay and go to the ‘Businesses’ section.

Step 2: Click on ‘ICICI Bank FASTag’.

Step 3: Click on ‘Buy new FASTag’.

Step 4: Enter your personal details ( PAN, RC copy, vehicle number and address)

Step 5: Verify mobile number through OTP.

Step 6: Proceed for payment. 

Note that one needs to have an ICICI bank account registered with Google Pay to avail this service. As soon as the payment is done the order for FASTag get placed automatically. 

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