FASTag Deadline Won’t Extend Beyond This Date: Pay Double Toll If You Still Don’t Have FASTag

FASTag Deadline Won't Extend Beyond This Date: Pay Double Toll If You Still Don't Have FASTag
FASTag Deadline Won’t Extend Beyond This Date: Pay Double Toll If You Still Don’t Have FASTag

For a long time we have been covering the compulsory adaptation of FASTags. 

We had reported earlier that the FASTags will be made compulsory from 1 January 2021. However, there was no update on the same.

But this time Union Road and Transport minister of India, Nitin Gadkari has confirmed in a meeting that the FASTags will be implemented without any further delays and extension in deadlines.

What is the status of Fastags till now?

While interacting with the media, Gadkari shared some insights. He said that 73.36% people were using FAstag in 2020. This number has increased significantly as compared to 2019 when Fastag was used by 44.31% of the public. Along with these statistics, Gadkari also revealed that the government has been earning Rs 2,088.26 crore monthly by collecting toll through FASTag.

We must admit that FAstag has made the toll collection process easier and faster along with helping to reduce traffic at the tolls to a greater extent. Hence the 100% adaptation of FASTags will certainly be beneficial. According to the sources,  the deadline to get a FASTag for a vehicle is set on 15 February.

How does Fastag work?

FASTag is an effort by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to introduce electronic and cashless toll collection in India. It is based on a simple Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. 

The tags are sticked at the top of the windscreen of the vehicle which are scanned without the need of stopping for the transaction. FASTags are linked with the saving account from which toll is directly deduced when the tag is scanned at the Toll Plaza. The FASTags can be issued from participating banks and official Tag issuers. 

Are Fastags compulsory?

NHAI has opted to enforce the Motor vehicle act to make the implementation of FASTags compulsory. It was already mandatory for all the cars sold after 2017. However, with the Motor Vehicle Act, the same is going to be applied on the older vehicles as well.

Earlier, NHAI has announced that the FASTags will be made compulsory on 1 January 2021 itself. However the government has given more time for people to get FASTags for their vehicles.

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