Apple’s iCloud Service Down: iPhones & Other Devices Can’t Be Activated?

Apple iCloud service is down. The Apple support official page confirmed on Twitter. The Cupertino based tech company also addressed the ongoing problem and cited very high capacity at this time. It has impacted the Apple iCloud service. The iCloud service is preventing new device setup, so accounts are facing activation failures. 

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Apple’s iCloud Service Down: iPhones & Other Devices Can’t Be Activated?

So, new users will face problems to log in or create a new account  

The Apple iCloud account and sign in server problem started around 1:45am pacific time (3:15pm IST), Apple’s system status web page updated. 

So people who have received a new Apple product are not able to activate their device including new buyers. The list includes the likes of iPhones, Apple Watch and HomePod. So many couldn’t activate their devices and mentioned about the ongoing issue on Twitter.

A few could log in after a really long wait for iCloud account creation, while most couldn’t create a new account or complete their device setup.

As of now, many users are still facing complete failures. 

The official support page from Apple on Twitter has addressed the problem. Due to high capacity, the iCloud service is being impacted. The company is not able to serve iCloud and the service is expected to continue to be hampered. Apple has advised users to try to setup their new devices and products after a few hours.

Apple is also in the middle of a privacy issue. Social media giant Facebook and Facebook and Apple got into a privacy war a week back as Apple made changes with iOS 14.4 for iPhones. The upcoming OS version will allow iPhone users to give permission to apps who can track them for advertising purposes.

Facebook tracks users between apps for advertising. The social media company says it helps them connect small businesses to customers and show personalised ads. So Apple’s upcoming OS with granular permission will severely hamper Facebook, as it thinks most of the iPhone users will deny the permission to track FB between usage of other apps.

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