Infosys’ Hybrid Work Model For 2.4 Lakh Employees: Work From Home Or Office At Different Time Zones!

Infosys declares to consider putting into effect, a flexible hybrid model for employees, amidst the pandemic.
Infosys declares to consider putting into effect, a flexible hybrid model for employees, amidst the pandemic.

The Indian government has recently directed all IT and IT services companies to continue the Work from Home model, as the number of COVID-19 active cases still pertain.

While currently 97% employees in TCS, 99% in Infosys and 98% employees in Wipro are working from home, totaling to an average of 8.61 lakh IT professionals currently working from home, Infosys has announced to put in place, a flexible “hybrid” work model, emerging due to the pandemic.

Let’s learn in detail about this.


Infosys’ Flexible Hybrid Work Model

Some of the country’s major IT companies, like TCS and Wipro have already shifted to a hybrid work model. 

In a virtual conference held on Monday, Infosys CEO and MD Salil Parekh informed that they have built a flexible work model, to further facilitate work from home.

He also added that in time, Infosys will focus on creating a hybrid work model, which will emphasize critically on flexibility, which will allow employees to work from different locations at different times, all depending upon the reflection of the situation.

Infosys on Building Social Capital

Despite confirming to put in place a hybrid model for its employees amidst the pandemic times, Parekh has clarified that they can no longer delay working on building social capital.

Social capital basically comprises the value of social relationships and networks that complement the economic capital for economic growth of an organization.

Parekh states,

“The whole concept of social capital is extremely important. We think that it is important as the Covid situation gets behind us, we start to create that social capital again so will have more and more work from the office environment as well.”

Infosys Prepared for Transition Before Pandemic Striked

During the virtual conference, Infosys co-founder and chairman Nandan Nilekani informed that they had already invested in working from home as a concept for all of Infosys’ employees, long before the pandemic took over.

Consequently, it was very easy for the company (relatively, as compared to others) to conduct the transition of 2,40,000 of its employees spread over 40 countries, to work from home, claims Nilekani.

He added that the option to provide work from home was created by investment in technology, network and cyber security framework.

Infosys Reskilling its Employees

When asked about the effect of pandemic faced by the company and its employees, Parekh responded that there has been no unusual effect on the pricing of services, however, the decision making of clients on deals has been slightly better.

He also added that employees are continually aligning themselves with newer technologies and reskilling themselves, in order to fulfill the market demands.

He added, “We also have methods where we can accelerate those skilling and through that skilling (we can) accelerate changes in compensation movements through career. Those are the tracks that we are driving to create incentives for employees.”

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