Toyota Shuts Down Karnataka Factory After 1200 Workers Rebel Against Management

Toyota Shuts Down Karnataka Factory After 1200 Workers Rebel Against Management
Toyota Shuts Down Karnataka Factory After 1200 Workers Rebel Against Management

Following an altercation with its workers, Toyota has shut down its manufacturing facility in Bidadi, Bengaluru.

The plant has a workforce of more than 6500 and a vehicle production capacity of 3.1 lakh vehicles per year.

Read on to find out why Toyota has resorted to such extreme measures.

Toyota Kirloskar Shuts Down Factory After 1200 Employees Rebel 

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd., where multiple models of the company are manufactured, such as Innova, Fortuner, and Camry, has shut down its plant in Bidadi, Bengaluru. Around 1200 employees of the workers’ union went on a strike over the suspension of one of the staff members; however, the strike was declared illegal by the company.

As per reports, one of the workers was fired because he was found violating factory discipline. He also had a prior record of misconduct and “unacceptable behavior which is in violation of [the] law and service policy of the company.”

He was also under suspension and pending inquiry in line with the company’s rules and applicable laws.

A spokesperson of the company has said, “At present, the TKM Union has resorted to illegal sit-in strike and those team members are unlawfully staying in the company premises and compromising the Covid-19 guidelines. Due to the current volatile atmosphere and to protect the safety of employees, it is forced to declare a ‘lock-out’ until further notice.”  

Workers’ Union President Says Charges Made Up Against Employee

The company also said that it has been forced to take such a step, but the lock out will continue until further notice. Also, Toyota has been trying to maintain communication and dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and is planning to fix the issue.

However, the workers’ union’s vice-president Pradeep N said treasurer Umesh Gowda Alur has said that all the charges against the said employee have been “made up”. The union consists of 3460 employees who are now protesting outside the company after being told to leave the premises on Monday.

The lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 disease has already impacted the industry and the automobile industry wasnt at its best prior to the situation created by the disease as well. This is still a developing story and we’ll keep you informed as we get any more updates. 

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