Airtel Added 10 Lakh More Users Than Jio; Vodafone Lose 12 Lakh Users In August

Airtel Added 10 Lakh More Users Than Jio; Vodafone Lose 12 Lakh Users In August
Airtel Added 10 Lakh More Users Than Jio; Vodafone Lose 12 Lakh Users In August

As revealed by the latest reports by TRAI, Airtel has managed to add more subscribers than of Jio in August 2020. 

In fact, Airtel was able to 10 lakh more users than Jio, and this is certainly a warning sign for Jio.

Here are the complete details!

Airtel Added 10 Lakh More Users Than Jio

The latest report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) suggests that Airtel added 28.99 lakh subscribers, whereas Jio managed to add only 18.64 lakh subscribers in the month of August 2020. However, Airtel has also seen a decline in subscriber additions – the company added 28.99 lakh subscribers in August, which was 32.60 in July. as compared to Jio, Airtel added 10.35 lakh more subscribers, and this is a still a good number.

Vodafone Idea, or Vi, has continued to lose subscribers, in fact, the company managed to reduce its subscriber count by 12.28 lakh in the same month. Vi has seen a drastic fall in popularity, probably owing to the bad quality of network it offers. But as compared to the loss in July, which was a total loss of 37.26 lakh subscribers, Vi lost about 12.28 lakh subscribers in August.

Jio Is Still #1

Indian state-owned telecommunications company, BSNL, has seen a significant increase in the number of subscribers, as much as 2.14 lakh in the month of August. 

 In the wireless telecom market, Reliance Jio has emerged the winner with a whopping 35.08 percent market share, followed by Airtel with 28.12 percent market share.

The report also states that the total number of wireless subscribers saw a huge spike – from 114.418 crores at the end of July to 114.792 crores at the end of August. The monthly growth rate has been 0.33 percent. The subscriber addition by Reliance Jio reduced in August to 18.64 lakh, which was 35.54 lakhs in July.

Airtel’smonthly growth in wireless subscribers is as much as 0.91 percent, overtaking Jio whose growth rate was 0.47 percent. TRAI’s report suggests that Kolkata and Himachal Pradesh showed a huge growth of 1.13 wireless subscribers in the month of August

As for broadband, TRAI has stated that BSNL had a 78.5 lakh subscriber count by the end of August, whereas Airtel had 25.3 subscribers. Third in line is Atria Convergence with 17 lakh subscribers, and fourth stands Jio with 12.5 lakh subscribers.

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