Zero Road Tax, Zero Registration Fee For 2 Lakh Electric Two-Wheelers In This State!

The Government’s push for electric vehicles is not new to anyone. And now, reports are that the first two lakh electric two wheelers purchased in Telangana will be totally exempted from paying road tax and registration fees.

Read on to find out all the details about this new policy by the Government. 

First Two Lakh Electric Two Wheelers Exempted From Road Tax And Registration Fees

As per reports, the Government has announced a new policy, wherein, the first two lakh electric two wheelers that will be purchased and registered in Telangana between 2020 and 2030 will all be exempted from road tax and registration fee.

This is yet another policy by the Government of India to get people to buy more electric vehicles. 

This initiative is a part of the State Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy of Telangana and was launched by ministers KT Rama Rao and Ajay Kumar.

As per reports, this initiative of exemption from road tax and registration fee will be applicable not only to electric two wheeler but also the electric tractors that are purchased and registered in the state as per the existing rules/guidelines applicable for tractors by the Transport Department.

Telangana To Be Major Base For Electric Vehicles; Will Attract Investment Of $4 Billion 

As per the policy statement, the aim is to make Telangana the major base for EV and energy storage systems (ESS). 

Also, the target is to attract $4 billion investment and also to generate employment in the sector of electric vehicles for 1.2 lakh individuals by the year 2030. In the policy, it has also been mentioned that the aim is to use EV adoption and also to supply side incentives in order to give a push to the manufacturing of batteries.

The policy also states some other goals such as “proactive support creation of EV charging infrastructure in the initial phase and eventually create a market for commercially viable EV charging business.” 

The government has reportedly signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with five firms for investments in this space.

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