Ola Will Launch Electric Scooter In India! 2000 Employees Will Be Hired

Ola electric two-wheeler to launch soon; Ola to hire 2000 individuals from engineering domains and others.
Ola electric two-wheeler to launch soon; Ola to hire 2000 individuals from engineering domains and others.

The Indian ride-sharing company Ola Cabs’ Electric Vehicle arm, Ola Electric Mobility (OEM) will soon roll out around 2000 job opportunity vacancies.

The co-founder of Ola and the Founder and Chairman of Ola Electric, Bhavish Aggarwal claimed on Tuesday that over the next 6 months, they will hire about 2000 individuals not only from engineering but different roles.

Let’s learn more about this.

Ola to Hire 2000 People Globally; Whom Are they Looking For?

Aggarwal sent an email to its employees on Tuesday, stressing the future of the automotive industry swiftly traversing towards electric and connected mobility.

To this, he added, “We will be launching a large hiring initiative to hire over 1,000 engineers globally over the next quarter and another 1,000 people across other functions.

 We want to get the best talent to come and join us across all teams.”

In fact, a company spokesperson confirmed that Ola will be hiring over 1000 people for the role of engineering, while another set of 1000 people for roles across various functions.

These roles include:

  • software, 
  • vehicle design, 
  • engineering and battery technology,

Among others.

Ola to Launch its Electric Two-Wheeler Soon

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic in May, Ola Electric succeeded in acquiring the Amsterdam-based Etergo BV.

According to Aggarwal’s mail sent to his employees, Etergo’s team along with Ola’s, have been working hard towards launching Ola Electric’s 1st electric two-wheeler of 2W, in near future.

They also aim to build electric vehicle products and the battery as a service (BaaS) systems. 

Aggarwal stated that the whole process related to OEM’s organisational restructuring, for productive and effective solutions will start its execution over the next 2 weeks.

Speaking of Ola Electric, the company received a funding amount of $250 million from SoftBank in 2019.

In addition, the company is also backed up by Ratan Tata.

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