This Company Is Giving Rs 1 Lakh Bonus To All 48,000 Employees This Dussehra!

Company Giving Rs 1 Lakh Bonus To Employees On Dussehra
Company Giving Rs 1 Lakh Bonus To Employees On Dussehra

Let’s admit it, festivities call for bonuses. We all look out for bonus during such times of approaching festivals. Not everyone is lucky enough to get it though. Bringing to you a refreshing story from Telangana government, we have the state run company Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL),

It so happens that the state CM Chandrasekhar Rao announced that every 48,000 employee of the company will receive a bonus of ?1,00,899, which is ?40,530 more than the last year’s bonus.

The ‘Bonus’ Factor

The Telangana government owned company SCCL, earned record net profit of ?1,765 crore during 2018-19. As a reward to such excellent service by the company, the state government decided to reward each member of the company with a Dusshera bonus of ?1,00,899.

Notwithstanding, the coal production did spur up to a record level of 64.41 million tonnes, which led the net profit to grow from ?418 crore in 2013-14 to ?1,765 crore in 2018-19. In fact, last year in 2017-18, each worker was paid ?60,369 as part of the 27% profits shared with the workers. 

The company produced 50.47 million tonnes of coal in 2013-14 and has been majestically increasing production every year since then.

Bonus is Surely a Key Motivator for Better Performance

All this while cos and entrepreneurs have been looking out for reasons to increase workforce productivity and to motivate their groups for better performances; the spirit of ‘we’ before ‘I’. Seems like the employees of SCCL have already found their driving force and they are been aptly rewarded for their jobs too.

Progress in coal production, transport, sales, profits, increase in turnover, all stand as a symbol of the Telangana government’s effective and good governance. The Telangana govt feels that he sweat that each and every SCCL worker shed in creating the national wealth, often coming out of jaws of death, is no way inferior to the sacrifices of our own army personnel fighting at the borders.

SCCL produced 50.47 million tonnes of coal in 2013-14. The production has been on the increase every year in the last five years, he said. In 2018-19, the coal production went up to an all-time high 64.41 million tonnes and the company registered a record profit of ?1,765 crore.

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