World’s Top 5 Smartphone Brands: Xiaomi Outsells Apple, Samsung Shipped Most

Xiaomi to become the world’s top smartphone brand? Apple losing out? In the last quarter, Xiaomi shipped more phones than Apple. So iPhones have lost ground in Q3. Coming to the leader, the South Korean tech giant Samsung has sold the most phones in Q3. So, Samsung is the best selling brand globally in Q3.

World’s Top 5 Smartphone Brands: Xiaomi Outsells Apple, Samsung Shipped Most

But to everybody’s surprise, Xiaomi has overtaken Apple. Do note, the former just emerged in 2014.

The Chinese smartphone maker has been able to ship more smartphones than Apple in 13, and Xiaomi stands ahead in terms of total smartphone shipments in the global market. On top it’s still Samsung, and the conglomerate stays ahead of all the other companies. 

Xiaomi Beats Apple: Can Become World’s Top Smartphone Brand?

In the last quarter Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has overtaken Apple. So now Xiaomi now stands on third among the top smartphone brands globally. Huawei toppled Apple in the last quarter, and now it’s Chinese counterpart, Xiaomi.

iPhones are slowly losing ground in terms of overall shipments, but at the same time Apple is the major profit churner in the smartphone industry.

iPhones hold around 85 percent of all the profits made from smartphones sold on earth, and that’s mammoth.

Xiaomi secured the third spot in the list of top smartphone brands in terms of shipments after Huawei and Samsung. IDC and Counterpoint Research, both the analyst firms confirmed that Apple has slipped to the fourth position in the global smartphone market.

It’s the second time in a row Apple lost out to Chinese smartphone company, in Q2 to Huawei and to Xiaomi in the third quarter of 2020. Samsung lead the table, but Apple was at the second spot for a really long time. 

The leader in the market, Samsung topped the list, and is the world’s highest selling smartphone brand. Samsung stands on a total shipment of 79.8 million units in Q3 2020.

On the second spot, there’s Huawei with 50.9 million shipments, even after a controversial year. Coming to the major surprise in the quarter, Xiaomi shipped 46.2 million units in the third quarter of 2020. Apple slipped to fourth position with a total shipments of 41.7 million units during the same period.

Xiaomi Market Share In India: How Much Globally?

Xiaomi market share currently stands at 13 per cent globally, while Apple market share stands at 11 per cent, revealed by the data shared by Counterpoint Research. Xiaomi market share in India stands strong at a little less than 30 percent. Xiaomi is also the highest selling smartphone brand in India.

The IDC says that emerging markets such as India, Brazil, Indonesia and Russia saw a rise in smartphone shipments between July and September.

Demand for smartphones doomed after global lockdowns, but the shipments saw a sharp rise as restrictions started to ease. With companies offering heavy discounts on top smartphones, the sales saw a surge.

The demand for smartphones saw a rise with the need for online classes and distance learning as well. The entry-level smartphone market in India is said to have seen the highest growth in a really long time. Realme is the fastest growing brand selling over 50 million units with a 90 percent quarterly growth sales-wise.

Apple’s low sales could be due to the late iPhone 12 series launch. 

As the new iPhone lineup took more time to be rolled out in 2020, the sales were also postponed. iPhones this year came out in October instead of the regular September timeline. iPhone 12 series demand has been very strong in the last few weeks, and it’s slated to grow in the upcoming months.

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