This Is How Tata Technologies Forcing Employees To Resign, Violating All Rules: Unethical, Inhumane & Unfair?

This Is How Tata Technologies Forcing Employees To Resign, Violating All Rules: Unethical, Inhumane & Unfair?
This Is How Tata Technologies Forcing Employees To Resign, Violating All Rules: Unethical, Inhumane & Unfair?

Brand Tata is a something which every Indian feels proud about, and admires. When we see Tata, it triggers admiration, respect and awe.

When Tata Group Chairman: Ratan Tata declared that no Tata employee will be fired or their salary will be cut during lockdown and the evil pandemic, we all applaused and appreciated this noble gesture.

But it seems that within Tata Group, there are different rules for different employees and different companies.

It seems that some Tata companies like Tata Technologies is not following what Ratan Tata had promised to all employees.

We have concrete evidence that shows how Tata Technolgies is forcing employees to resign, violating their own terms and conditions, and we strongly believe that this is unethical, inhumane and unfair.

Tata Technologies Forcing Employees: How?

Starting July this year, during the nation-wide lockdown, Tata Technologies sent out letters to approximately 400 employees in Pune, asking them to sign a new revised agreement between them.

As per this new agreement, several employees were put on bench, with no salary till December 31, 2020.

Technically, this is caled furlough, but in this case, it was for 6 months.

In the revised agreement, Tata Technologies stated that in case there are no projects found for the employees, they will be immedietely terminated, and asked to leave.

Now, this is clearly a case of forced resignation by Tata Technologies: Indirectly, they are compelling the employees to resign.

First of all, they are being placed on no salary for 6+ months, and even after that period, if there are no projects, those employees will be fired without any notice period.

And the worst thing: These employees were forced to sign these new agreement within 24 hours.

How This Is Unethical, Unfair and Inhumane?

In their offer letters, and Bench Policy documents, Tata Technologies had promised every employee that ‘after’ the bench period expires, and still if the employee is not able to secure a project, then there shall be a notice period of 4 weeks.

And salaries are usually paid during the bench period, and during the notice period as well.

But from July onwards, all these policies were brutally crushed, and deliberately made it hard for the employees.

Not only they were put on leave without pay for 6 months, but threatened with immediate termination after that period.

This leave literally no option for the employees, who cannot afford to wait for such a long period without any salary, and without any hope of resuming.

Tata Technologies Denying All Allegations

Based on a complaint filed by NITES, which is a non-profit dedicated to the cause of IT employees, Labor Commissioner in Pune has already sent two notices to Tata Technologies over this issue.

As of now, the company has denied any wrongdoing, and have justified their course of action.

But around 400 employees of Tata Technologies will strongly disagree.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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