Tata Technologies Exposed For Their Lies: No Salary For 400 Employees | Ordered To Meet Labor Commissioner

Tata Technologies Exposed For Their Lies: No Salary For 400 Employees | Ordered To Meet Labor Commissioner
Tata Technologies Exposed For Their Lies: No Salary For 400 Employees | Ordered To Meet Labor Commissioner

In a big embarrassment to Tata Technologies, their lies have been exposed by NITES, which is a prominent IT employee union from Maharashtra.

Labor Commissioner has ordered the management of Tata Technologies to meet him, along with the representatives of NITES to resolve this issue.

What exactly has happened here?

Tata Technologies Denied Salary Hold Of 400 Employees

In the month of June this year, we had reported that Tata Technologies has stopped giving salaries to 400 employees, and lockdown and pandemic were the main reasons.

Tata Technologies is a company under Tata Group, and they produce product, engineering and design services to automobile and aerospace original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers.

As per reports, they had suddenly stopped giving salaries, and put 400 employees on leave without pay till December, 2021.

NITES (National Information Technology Employees Senate) had filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner, over this issue.

Tata Denied All Allegations

Based on the complaint filed by NITES, a notice was sent to Tata Technologies, and in reply, they flatly denied all allegations against them.

This made the matter complex, since it now became the word of employees and NITES against Tata Technologies.

NITES is a non-profit dedicated for the welfare and upliftment of IT and ITeS employees, and they didnt stop the fight.

Lies Of Tata Technologies Exposed

NITES was able to produce concrete evidence that Tata Technologies have indeed stopped salaries of more than 400 employees, and this was produced at the Labor Commissioner office.

This way, all the lies and false propaganda of Tata Technologies was exposed.

Based on the evidence shown by NITES, the Labor Commissioner office has asked management of Tata Technologies to meet IT employees union, and sort out this matter.

Commenting on this matter, Harpreet Saluja, President of National Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “We had earlier received complaints from employees of Tata Technologies that the company has benched more than 400 employees has also sent employees forcefully on Leave without pay till 31 December 2020.

The employees had received communication from HR regarding resign immediately or 6 Months furlough (leave without pay). The employees are under huge pressure and trauma as they are struggling to find new jobs under lockdown.

Tata Group chairman emeritus Ratan Tata had spoken publicly that retrenchment of employees by Indian companies in these Covid-19 unprecedented times is not the solution.

It was also claimed that Tata Group has not fired any staff, while several Indian companies have cut workforce because of lack of cash flow after the countrywide lockdown.

On our complaint against Tata Technologies to follow what is being claimed and stop the furlough with immediate effect Labour Commissioner Office had sought their response. Forcing employees to resign under lockdown is against Government’s directions and also against the work ethics. In the response to the earlier notice the company has said that there is no non-compliance on their part. But National Information Technology Employees Senate NITES has submitted evidences against the false claims of the company. We are hoping justice for employees soon. “

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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