Lockdown Ends In Delhi, Maharashtra, TN: What’s Opened, What’s Still Closed? (Full Details)

The process of cautiously opening activities that have been stopped has now been started by several parts of India. These restrictions were laid after the deadly surge in the second wave. A steady fall in recent weeks has been observed and hence states have decided “unlocking”.

  • In  Delhi,  sh??s  in  m?lls,  m?rkets,  m?rket  ??m?lexes,  st?nd?l?ne  sh??s  ?nd  neighb?rh??d  sh??s  ??ened  with  the  restri?ti?ns  ?f  ?dd-even  ?nd  timings.  Delhi  Metr?,  whi?h  w?s  sus?ended  sin?e  M?y  10,  resumed  servi?es  with  50  ?er  ?ent  ?????ity.  ?riv?te  ?ffi?es  ?re  ?ll?wed  t?  fun?ti?n  with  50  ?er  ?ent  st?ff.
  • A five-level plan to ease restrictions has been proposed by Maharashtra. These plans vary as per the infection rates and hospital bed occupancy.
  • Since Mumbai has been categorised under level 3 of the ‘unlock’ plan, restaurants, shops selling non-essential items and public places have been reopened. However malls, theatres and multiplexes will continue to remain shut. Only essential workers shall be allowed to traverse in local trains. Buses shall run in full capacity, however passengers can’t travel standing to avoid crowding.
  • The government, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, has made the business, and the markets of the outside of the prevention of areas of Varanasi, Muzaffarnagar, Gautam Buddha, Drum, and Ghaziabad is open five days a week, starting from today, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the four districts have fallen to less than 600. The remainder will be valid from Monday to Friday from 7 to 7 pm. But to-night and weekend for the gate is going to continue.
  • Despite the lockdown being extended in Haryana till June 14, several restrictions have been eased. As per the new guidelines, malls can stay open from 10 am to 8 pm. At a time, a maximum of 21 people are permitted to gather in religious places. ??r??r?te  ?ffi?es  ??n  ??en  with  50  ?er  ?ent  ?ttend?n?e.  Rest?ur?nts,  b?rs,  ?nd  ?lub  h?uses  ?re  ?ll?wed  t?  ??en  with  50  ?er  ?ent  se?ting  ?????ity  fr?m  10  ?m  t?  8  ?m  ??vid  ?r?t???ls  in  ?l??e.
  • The lockdown has been extended till June 14. Shops selling groceries and vegetables as well as hardware shops in Sikkim, shall now remain open from 7 am to 2 pm.
  • The lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir has been extended till June 15. The ‘unlock’ process has begun in Jammu in a phased manner from Sunday after nearly a month of lockdown.
  • For one more week, the state of Tamil Nadu has extended the lockdown. Except 11 hotspot districts including Coimbatore, function from 6 am to 5 pm from today standalone grocery provision stores are allowed to function. H?usekee?ing  st?ff  ??n  return  t?  ???rtments  ?nd  ?ffi?e  ??m?lexes  but  need  ?n  e-registr?ti?n.  ?ut?s  with  tw?  ??ssengers  ?nd  ??bs  with  three  ?re  ?ll?wed  ?s  well  with  e-??ss.
  • The  K?rn?t?k?  g?vernment  s?id  it  will  e?se  restri?ti?ns  ?nly  ?n?e  the  ??vid  ??sitivity  r?te  g?es  bel?w  5  ?er  ?ent.  The  st?te  h?s  extended  its  l??kd?wn  till  June  14.
  • Indi?  t?d?y  s?w  its  l?west  d?ily  ??vid  ??se  ??unt  in  ?ver  tw?  m?nths,  with  ?  little  ?ver  ?ne  l?kh  fresh  infe?ti?ns.  ?s  the  d?wnw?rd  trend  ?f  new  ??r?n?virus  ??ses  r?ised  h??es  ?f  m?re  e?sing  ?f  l??kd?wns  ??r?ss  the  ??untry,  sh?res  in?hed  higher  this  m?rning,  h?vering  ne?r  re??rd  highs.

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