New Income Tax Website Is Live: 5 Big Changes Every Taxpayer Should Know Right Away!

A new e-filing website for Income Tax Returns (ITRs) has been launched by the Income Tax Department on Monday, June 7, 2021.

New e-filing Portal

The new e-filing portal comes with new features which are expected to make the ITR process much smoother and faster and can be accessed at

The new portal is in the final stages, announced the IT Department. They said in a tweet about how excited they are about the new portal. The IT Department appreciated the patience as the team works to make it more operational.

Se??r?tely,  the  I-T  De?t  n?tified  ?ll  the  existing  t?x??yers  by  sending  ?  text  t?  their  registered  numbers.  “De?r  T?x??yer,  The  In??me  T?x  De??rtment  is  h???y  t?  inf?rm  the  l?un?h  ?f  its  new  e-filing  ??rt?l  htt?://  ?n  7th  June,  2021.”

?he?d  ?f  the  l?un?h  ?f  the  new  ??rt?l,  the  existing  ??rt?l  htt?://  w?s  n?t  ?v?il?ble  t?  t?x??yers  f?r  six  d?ys  fr?m  June  1-6,  2021.  The  ?entr?l  B??rd  ?f  Dire?t  T?xes  (?BDT)  in  M?y  h?d  urged  t?x??yers  t?  ??m?lete  ?ll  their  urgent  t?sks  inv?lving  ?ny  submissi?n,  u?l??d  ?r  d?wnl??ds  bef?re  June  1  t?  ?v?id  ?ny  diffi?ulty  during  the  ?h?se?ut  ?eri?d  (June  1-6).  It  h?d  s?id  th?t  t?  ensure  there  is  n?  in??nvenien?e  t?  t?x??yers,  it  will  n?t  fix  ?ny  ??m?li?n?e  d?tes  during  this  ?eri?d.

What are the new features?

The new website-website will allow you to set up a new system for on-line payment of the tax, with several new payment methods using the net banking, UPI, credit card, and for the RTGS / OIL, the taxpayer’s account in a bank, making it easy for you to pay the tax.

On Saturday, the ministry of Finance has released a press release with a list of all the new features and changes to the income tax portal:

A taxpayer-friendly portal to integrate directly with the processing of income tax returns (Itr) to the repayment of taxpayers ‘ money.

  • All of the interactions, and of the uploads or in the pending action will appear in one panel in order to allow the taxpayers to follow-up.
  • Free ITR preparation software is available with interactive questions in order to help the taxpayer for Itr 1, 4 (online and offline), and VIN 2 (offline), in order to come to power; Means for Itr 3, 5, 6, and 7, the preparation will be available soon.
  • A taxpayer can proactively update their profile, in order to secure a certain amount of revenue, including salaries, information, properties, home, work or occupation, is to be used during the initial fill-up-their ITR. Please fill in your details in advance, so that you can fill out the income derived from salaries, wages, interest, dividends and capital growth after downloading the TDS, and the FREE report is due by June 30, 2021)
  • A new tax to support the call center, the command prompt-response to a taxpayer request. For detailed faq’s, user guides, and live chat bot from/to the live agent, videos are also available.
  • Some functions will be available, for filing income tax forms, to send the extra tax documents in response to a notice, on a Document or an application.

“It’s a new system of payments will begin on the 18th of June, 2021, and after the early history of the times, that the tax, in order to prevent production problems. The mobile app will be up – to-date, and, after the initial launch of the portal, the taxpayer may be familiar with the new features,” the finance ministry said in a statement. On the 20th of May, the CBDT was announced that, in order to introduce a new tax filing portal, on the 7th of June, available at the portal, which will be gradually shut down, it will not be available to taxpayers and other external stakeholders, from the 1st of June to the 6th June.

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