Govt May Never Allow PUBG In India Because Of This Reason

Govt May Never Allow PUBG In India Because Of This Reason
Govt May Never Allow PUBG In India Because Of This Reason

Among 118 Chinese-origin apps, PUBG was banned in India amidst the ongoing India-China border tensions.

PUBG Corp announced that the rights to publish PUBG in India would be withdrawn from the Chinese company, Tencent Games. However, India said it won’t withdraw the ban of PUBG.

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PUBG Corp Desperate To Re-Launch PUBG in India?

The South Korean company is the owner of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a multiplayer game.

The mobile version of PUBG is developed by Tencent Games, a Chinese company. This company also holds the publishing and distribution rights of the mobile version of the game in India.

PUBG Corp said it was looking into ways to provide gaming experiences to Indian users in the future by withdrawing publishing rights from Tencent Games. 

The new ownership structure won’t change things immediately, said the government official maintaining anonymity. 

The source said, “The violent nature of the game has been the cause of many complaints from all quarters.” “That does not change with the change in ownership rights”, the official added. 

The game was banned in India over claims that it collects user data and in turn, poses a threat to national security. 

Next Plans of PUBG Corp?

As of July, PUBG had more than 17.5 crore users from India. This accounts for 24% of the total users worldwide. 

The PUBG Corps was in talks with Reliance Jio to launch the game back in the Indian markets. 

A spokeswoman for PUBG Corp said that the company was assessing India’s concerns and that it was ready to work on anything that needed improvement.

On talks with Jio, the spokeswoman told Reuters, “We had initial talks with Jio Platforms to seek for cooperation opportunities, but nothing has been decided yet.”

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