Paytm User Robbed Of Rs 1.4 Lakh In This New KYC Scam: Never Do This!

A new kind of Paytm KYC draud, which lets fraudsters dupe off all your money.
A new kind of Paytm KYC draud, which lets fraudsters dupe off all your money.

Time and again, Paytm has published information on its app and website, asking Paytm users to not fall for any calls or text messages asking for KYC updation. 

However, all through this while neither have the fraudsters brought their activities to rest nor have people stopped to fall for such fraudulent scams.

Such scammers have now sorted to another such technique of duping people.

Paytm KYC Scam Used by Fraudsters

  • You will receive a message allegedly from ‘Paytm’, saying your eKYC document has expired.
  • The message will contain a phone number, saying that if you do not call at this number to reactivate your eKYC document, the Paytm service will expire.
  • The message will be sent from random senders like BIKMRT or BRPAY, or other similar telemarketing domains.

Now, if you fall for this message and call on this number, these fraudsters will pretty much convince you to help them dupe your money.

What Happens Next?

  • The person answering your call poses to be a customer executive or Paytm KYC executive and will falsely claim to block your bank account card, or Paytm account if you do not download remote access apps like AnyDesk or Teamviewer so that they can verify your KYC status.
  • On downloading such apps, the caller will ask you for a 9-10 digit code.
  • On getting hold of this code, the scammer can see your mobile screen and record it.
  • On conducting any online transaction, your credentials will be stored by the fraudsters.

A woman lost Rs 1.40 lakh from her bank account, in this scam earlier this year.

Paytm’s Advise to You

A number of similar incidents have been reported in the past as well, all of them mostly revolving around the KYC Update mostly.

Genuine Paytm text messages are usually sent from ‘VK-PAYTM’, rather than an ordinary contact number. 

Paytm users should know that all updates pertaining to Paytm can be made through its app itself. 

However, if you are still in doubt about the message, you can always reach out to the Paytm customer care using the Paytm app on your phone.

Also, the KYC process for Paytm can be completed by visiting a nearby agent at an authorized KYC point or the agent will visit at your home. 

Users should note that Paytm will never call you and ask you to install any app or ask you your banking details on call.

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