Pune Man Lost Rs 3.5 Lakh In Cyber Fraud; But He Got It Back! Find Out How?

The city has seen exponential growth in the number of cybercrime complaints in the past five years.

Rs 3.57 lakh has been returned to a man in Pune after he had lost it to cyber criminals in an online credit card fraud.


The Incident

Cyber police station of the Pune city police said that the perpetrator had called the victim, apparently offering “reward points” upon issuance of a new credit card.

He then urged him to close his existing card in order to reap the rewards.

The fraudster then got sensitive information regarding the man’s credit card account and on July 14 transfered Rs 3.66 lakh from the victim’s bank account without his knowledge and consent.

How The Money Was Recovered

The police reached out to nodal officers of “payment merchants” related to the online money transfer.

The payment merchants, upon being informed about the fraudulent transaction, then transferred Rs 3,57,362 back into the complainant’s bank account.

The police have advised the general public to not respond to calls by unknown persons asking for confidential details of credit card, debit card or bank accounts.

New Cyber Crime Helplines For Pune

The Pune city police cyber crime cell launched two 24-hour helpline numbers to report online frauds early in July.

The numbers, 7058719371 and 7058719375, are also reachable on WhatsApp.

The city has seen exponential growth in the number of cybercrime complaints in the past five years.

Commissioner Amitabh Gupta of Pune police said that one can share cyber fraud screenshots on the new cyber helplines which would bolster chances of amount recovery.

Need To Act Quick: The “Golden Hour”

However, those who suspect they have been duped need to take prompt action before it’s too late.

Called the “golden hour”, it is the time after the crime is committed during which the money can be retrieved by freezing the transaction.

Although there is no set definition, the golden hour falls within the first few hours after the crime has occurred.

This is the same as the crucial few minutes or hours after which an accident or crime victim must be rushed to the hospital for treatment and better chances of survival.

Cyber Crime Categories

Five separate units of cybercrime have been created by the Pune police:

  • Hacking/data theft
  • Online business
  • Cheating
  • Social network
  • ATM card related fraud

Procedure Of Registering Complaint

One should first call the helpline to explain the situation.

One must then send required screenshots on the same number.

They should then proceed to register an FIR, after which a QR code through a link will be provided.

Through this link, a person can track the progress of their case.

Advice To The Public

Cyber police have appealed to the public to:

  • Not download the mobile cloning app.
  • Not open unauthorized/unknown links.
  • Not share OTP number or debit card, credit card information on mobile.
  • Contact the cyber police helpline number immediately after online fraud.
  • Verify the contact number from the official website when contacting customer care.

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