Fake JioMart Websites/Apps Stealing Money From Users; How To Avoid Such Scams?

Fake JioMart Websites/Apps Stealing Money From Users; How To Avoid Such Scams?
Fake JioMart Websites/Apps Stealing Money From Users; How To Avoid Such Scams?

Reliance Retail has released a warning  for internet users and urged them to be careful about fake websites who are pretending to be part of JioMart and duping citizens claiming to grant franchise of their JioMart services. 

What Does Reliance Retail Say?

As a caution step, a notice had been published on Reliance’s social media platforms.

“It would like to inform the public at large that we are not operating any dealership or franchise model currently nor have we appointed any franchisee or any agent for appointing any dealer or franchisee in any manner whatsoever. Further we do not charge any amount under pretense of appointing a person as a franchisee,”  Reliance Retail said.

Further, the notice elaborate that they have noticed that certain unscrupulous individuals are creating fake websites and listed and reported some of the fake sites.

Some of them are listed below.











The retail business said, “Reliance Retail also warns that it will not hesitate to institute criminal or civil proceedings against any such person to prevent misuse of trademarks and protect its goodwill and reputation. The company further urged members of the public to report such deceitful activities to its legal cell,”. 

Reliance Retail Warning

Reliance Industries Limited introduced its retail platform called JioMart for selling groceries across various categories in the country Just a few months back.

Their aim was to help consumers in shopping groceries at the lowest prices that too while sitting at the luxury of their homes and including local retail shops during the pandemic. 

As the comfort is increasing so are the cyber threats with the more usage of the internet.

The same is happening with the recently launched JioMart website as hackers are building fake JioMart websites to dupe consumers and steal their money.

To make it look absolutely realistic, hackers have developed fake websites that look exactly like the JioMart website to deceive consumers. 

Even some hackers have come up with websites claiming to offer a franchise at reasonable rates. 

Now Reliance Retail has come forward and warned its consumers against such scams and further asking them to stay aware and informed.

It is noteworthy here that some of the fake JioMart website links are yet to be discovered and may be offering huge discounts on products. 

So, the retail giant is asking the public to help and also report any such fake websites to the authorities.

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