Increase Your Broadband Internet Speed With 5 Easy Steps Right Now!

Increase Your Broadband Internet Speed With 5 Easy Steps Right Now!

Increase Your Broadband Internet Speed With 5 Easy Steps Right Now!

The COVID-19 pandemic resultant lockdown has forced many people to work from home (WFH). 

No one loves slow loading of web pages, slow download speed, blurred video calls.

The WFH has undoubtedly caused a load on the network providers. However, slow internet connection might not just be their fault but your router’s or PC’s fault as well.

Let’s see how to solve your internet issues if your service provider is unreachable or he can’t solve your problem for some reason. 


I. Check The Speed Of Your Broadband

When your  internet connection has become slow, you should first check the broadband speed of your internet connection. 

For this, you can use a speed test app. This app will tell you the download speed as well as the upload speed of your broadband connection. You will get to know the normal speed prior or after solving broadband issues and when internet connection is low.

II. Restart Your Modem

The most Indian ‘jugadu’ way is to turn off and then turn on any device when it stops working. And usually this works. 

Similarly, once you check the speed of your internet connection, reset the modem. This step clears the old data from the broadband router and when you restart it, the old settings are no longer in place. If there is any update the router has failed to install, it gets installed and your router might function properly. 

III. Reconfigure Your Broadband Router

Sometimes router settings can be a reason for slow internet speed. For doing this, use your computer’s browser to access your broadband router settings. 

Take the help of someone who knows how to configure these settings or refer to the handbook. All the steps to reconfigure the settings will be mentioned in the manual. 

IV. Check Your Router’s Location

Many times, there are places in your house where no matter what you do, you don’t receive a stable internet connection. Especially, signals of 2.4GHz band routers can get disrupted.

The solution is to place your router in an unobstructed space where signals can travel freely and where you can access the router effortlessly. 

V. Clean Your PC

Now, you might say, what’s PC got to do with poor internet connection? However, a lot of unnecessary, temporary files in your PC might be slowing down your computer. Get rid of these temp files.  

Now after doing all these steps, test the internet speed again. If it shows higher speed than before, then your problem has been solved!

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