How To Book Air India Flights From India To US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia? Step-By-Step Process

How To Book Air India Flights From India To US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia? Step-By-Step Process
How To Book Air India Flights From India To US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia? Step-By-Step Process

This is an article wherein you will find instructions and the steps to book an air ticket to travel to other countries from India.

Apparently, during times like these, the only airline you can travel from, to any country outside India, Air India is your only option.

Currently, the state owned airline holds a monopoly. Also, please keep a note that this article is solely for the purpose of helping you fly ‘Out’ of India and not for repatriation flights.

So what is the procedure for booking a ticket with an outbound Air India flight?

#1. Be very Sure and Up to date with the Entry Requirements of the Country You’re Flying to

The last thing you’d want is to be turned down at the border, after going through all the processes to get the flight ticket in the first place, or worse so, get stuck in the airport for maybe months.

In order to avoid that and successfully reach the foreign country, we’d advise you to do some little research about the entry requirements posed by the destination country’s government.

Due to times like these, countries are being very strict about any outsider entering their lands. The border patrol has been stricter now more than ever.

  • Check if you are eligible to travel, in the first place.
  • If you are a national of the destination country and stranded in India, then surely you won’t have any problem checking out this 1st step.
  • This is because almost all countries are allowing their citizens to return.
  • Most countries are allowing permanent residents and long-term visa holders to return too.
  • You can check out a guide compiled by Air India, which consists all the criteria you require to fulfil in order to fly out.
  • If you are unable to conduct the research by yourself or are facing nay problem with it, you can reach out to your local embassy for help.

#2. Follow Air India For Most Recent Updates about Air Travel to Foreign Countries

It is very important to conduct not just research at a grass level but also tail all the newest updates and activities by Air India, considering you want to fly out of the country.

Due to the changing scenario and extreme health volatility going on around the globe, the conditions and requirements, activities are constantly changing, not just in India but in foreign nations as well.

Air India notifies passengers on Twitter over all such changes, in regards with flights.

Make sure to follow the airline on social media, especially Twitter, as the national carrier informs its passengers about varies events.

For instance, when ticket sales begin so that passengers can start booking the already limited flights, along with the fact that flights tend to sell out fairly quickly on some routes.

#3. Complete the Payment

It is known that since Air India is currently the only airline outbouding passengers from India to different countries, the traffic on its website is maddening.

Consequently, the website is full of glitches.

Make sure to complete your payment in one go so that you don’t face problems related to heavy traffic and failed payments, unlike many.

Another factor which everyone is talking about, is the fact that these air tickets’fares are extremely high.

They can vary from ?80,000 to ?130,000, with the average price being around ?100,000.4

In fact, business class costs twice the economy fare, while first class pricing at 4 times more.

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