BSNL Failed To Provide May Salary Despite Earning Rs 1400 Crore, Reducing 80,000 Employees

BSNL Failed To Provide May Salary Despite Earning Rs 1400 Crore, Reducing 80,000 Employees
BSNL Failed To Provide May Salary Despite Earning Rs 1400 Crore, Reducing 80,000 Employees

BSNL is crumbling owing to a long list of reasons, and now news has surfaced that workers haven’t been paid their salaries on time. Apparently, the salary of May hasn’t been paid to the workers and they have revealed that this is nothing new.

When it comes to paying the staff, the state-owned telecom operator doesn’t have the best track record. 

Find out how this has impacted the workers of BSNL right here!

BSNL’s Staff Reduced By Half; Salaries Not Paid, Workers Commit Suicide

The staff of BSNL has been reduced by as much as half, and yet, the salaries for the month of May haven’t been paid to the employees. Employees have also remarked that not being paid is not new to them. 

The general secretary of BSNL employees’ union, P Abhimanyu has confirmed that the BSNL has a monthly expenditure of Rs. 350 crore, which was Rs. 950 crore previously. Despite this, the firm hasnt paid the employees on time. BSNL had its employees opt for the VRS (voluntary retirement scheme), after which, about 79,000 people left the company. The staff left at BSNL is about 70000 only. 

He revealed that the contract workers havent been paid their wages for the last one entire year, and 12 of these workers have chosen to end their lives due to this. 

As per Abhimanyu, “The BSNL management has blatantly violated the instructions issued by the labour and finance ministries regarding payment of wages of the contract workers during the lockdown period.”

Apparently, BSNL has earned Rs. 1400 crore in May, but paying their employees seems to be the last on their list of priorities. 

BSNL’s 4G Rollout Delayed: Is This A Conspiracy?

As per the Union, the rollout of 4G services is also being delayed due to the vested interests. Apparently, the tender floated by BSNL has been put on hold by the Government based on the complaint by the Telecom Equipment and Services Promotion Council (TEPC), which has claimed that BSNL has flouted the Make In India norms while issuing the tender. 

The union claims that when all the other private operators are procuring world class 4G equipment from international vendors, why should BSNL have to obtain equipment from domestic vendors?

The employees of BSNL believe that there is a conspiracy to stop BSNL’s 4G roll out. As per Abhimanyu, “Further, the vested interests, who are out to scuttle BSNL’s 4G rollout, are having the blessings of the government. Otherwise, the flimsy complaint given by the TEPC, could not have resulted in the holding up of BSNL’s 4G tender.”

Also, the revival package for BSNL has been announced way back in October, but hasn’t been implemented yet, except for the VRS scheme.

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