H1B Visa Ban Is Forcefully Separating Indian Families; Thousands Are Now Stuck, Can’t Enter USA

H1B Visa Ban Is Forcefully Separating Indian Families; Thousands Are Now Stuck, Can't Enter USA
H1B Visa Ban Is Forcefully Separating Indian Families; Thousands Are Now Stuck, Can’t Enter USA

On April 22, 2020, US President Donald Trump released a presidential proclamation, as per which any new immigrants were ordered to be temporarily barred for a period of at least 60 days.

Now, another presidential executive order has been passed by Trump, according to which starting June 24, until the end of the year, the US has suspended all the work visas, until the end of 2020.

What is the new Executive Order about?

Donald Trump, amidst the already disturbed conditions in the US, has now signed an executive order on Monday, suspending all the employment visas until the end of 2020.

These visas also constitute of the very famous H-1B visa, which are used by multitudes of Indian citizens, each year. They also contain:

  • H-4 visa: employment visa for spouses of H-1B holders,
  • L visa: outsourcing employees of multinational companies to US offices,
  • J-1 visa: education and cultural exchanges, and
  • H-2B visa: for temporary workers in non-agricultural industries

This order, just like the last presidential proclamation, is not set to harm any work visa holder already in the US. It also provides for exemptions for health-care workers as well as those who work in the food supply chain.

How is this Order Separating Families?

While Trump’s most recent proclamation is exempted for spouses and children of U.S. citizens, it is very much applicable on individuals who are U.S. citizens.

Families are huge distances away and amid the already disturbing coronavirus pandemic, people with work visas, outside the U.S. are being treated as collateral damage.

Let us understand with the help of some examples

Poorva Dixit, an Indian citizen with U.S. born children, had to travel to India as her 72-year-old mother fell sick and was in critical condition.

However, after the ties, while she was returning to the U.S., back to her two young daughters and her Indian national husband, she was barred to do so, as the consulate shut down due to coronavirus restrictions. 

Eight days later her mother passed away. As per the new executive order by Trump administration, Dixit can now be trapped in India, away from her family until the end of the year.

There are so many like her , who are away from their families in such pandemic times, due to travel ban in the U.S.

The economic conditions of America have more than worsened.

The Trump government is trying its best to boost employment in the Covid-19 era, as millions in the country have been stripped off their jobs.

The administration believes that allowing temporary workers into the country, will adversely hurt the job opportunities for millions of American borns.

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