Govt Scolds Patanjali For Covid-19 Medicine; Orders Them To Stop Advertising ‘Cure’

Govt Scolds Patanjali For Covid-19 Medicine; Orders Them To Stop Advertising 'Cure'
Govt Scolds Patanjali For Covid-19 Medicine; Orders Them To Stop Advertising ‘Cure’

There’s a lot of commotion in the news these days regarding the anticipated drug of coronavirus being advertised by Baba Ramdev’s  Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.

However, the AYUSH Ministry has asked and directed the company and the Yoga Guru to put a stop to advertise such claims until the issue is properly examined.

Patanjali’s Ayurvedic Medicine

Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurved Ltd launched their first Ayurvedic medicine to cure the coronavirus patients, on Tuesday.

The launch took place in Haridwar, where the Yoga guru himself claimed that ‘Coronil tablet’, ‘Swasari Vati’ and ‘Anu Taila’ had shown results of 100% favourable results, during clinical trials on patients having coronavirus.

According to the trial results, as claimed by the company, while the recovery rate of 100% patients was about 7 days, 63% patients were cured in just 3 days.

The medicines were ‘Coronil tablet’, ‘Swasari Vati’ and ‘Anu Taila’.

A clinically controlled study was done in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Meerut and other cities. 

The medicine is manufactured by Haridwar-based Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Ayurved Ltd and is a result of a joint research conducted by Patanjali Research Institute and National Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, NIMS University, Jaipur.

In fact, NIMS Jaipur’s University chairman Balbir Tomar even acclaimed to it.

Ayush Ministry’s Order

After Ramdev Baba made such affirmative claims in the media about the 100% success rate of Patanjali’s coronavirus treating medicine launched on Tuesday, the AYUSH Ministry has ordered Patanjali and Ramdev to provide them with all the details of the medicine and to stop making such claims, unless confirmed.

The Ministry stated that the facts and details of the scientific study are not known to them.

They have demanded Pantanjali to provide them with everything, including:

  • the details of the name and composition of the medicines being claimed to treat Covid-19,
  • the site/hospital where the research study took place,
  • protocol,
  • sample size,
  • Institutional Ethics Committee clearance,
  • CTRI registration and results of the study, and
  • to stop advertising such claims till the issue is duly examined.

Ayush has also requested the Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority to provide copies of the license and product approval details of the Ayurvedic medicines which the company has claimed will treat Covid-19.

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