Patanjali’s Ghee Is Adulterated As It Fails To Meet Food Safety Standards: What Next?

Baba Ramdev’s company Patanjali has attracted the attention of the Food Safety Department which conducted a test on the company’s ghee.

Patanjali’s Ghee Is Adulterated As It Fails To Meet Food Safety Standards: What Next?
A large quantity of pesticide has been found in the company’s rice.



It was found to be adulterated and failed in tests conducted in both the state and the central laboratories.

According to the test report of the sample the product was found to be adulterated and failed to meet the standards.

Earlier in 2021, the Food Safety and Drugs Department had found that it was injurious to health, however, Ramdev’s company refused to accept it and called it false.

After this the food safety regulator sent a sample of the ghee for testing in a Central laboratory.

Suit incoming

Results remained unchanged.

Consequently the regulator will file a suit in the SDM court of Tehri district where the sample came from.

The Designated Officer of Food Safety Department, said, “As per the laboratory report, there is adulteration in Patanjali ghee; it does not meet the standards and is injurious to health.”

Pesticide in rice

During the Char Dham Yatra, a sample of Patanjali’s rice was also taken from a hotel in Selu Pani located on Chamba-Dharasu highway and the report has also been found to be unsuccessful. 

He informed that a large quantity of pesticides has been confirmed in rice.

Coronavirus kit 

Aside from food products 3 items from its Coronil kit, ‘Divya Anu Tail’ was found “sub-standard” by the Uttarakhand Ayurvedic Drug Testing Laboratory.

Another item, ‘Divya Swasari Vati’, couldn’t be tested since there were no “pharmacopeial standards” available for it.

The third item, Coronil tablets, passed the test.

The kit was launched in June 2020 during the first wave and claimed that almost all patients who took it recovered from the virus within 3-14 days.

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