This is Why Infosys Hiring 18,000+ Freshers Despite Lockdown; Remote On-Boarding?

This is Why Infosys Hiring 18,000+ Freshers Despite Lockdown; Remote On-Boarding?
This is Why Infosys Hiring 18,000+ Freshers Despite Lockdown; Remote On-Boarding?

Country’s second-largest IT giant Infosys says that it will go to college campuses for hiring freshers despite demand disruption due to Covid-19.

Fresher Requirement

So far, the company did not reveal the number of freshers it will offer jobs this year, it is likely to be around the same as last financial year.

Prior to this, the Bengaluru-headquartered IT firm had sent letters to 18,000 freshers last year.

The executive vice-president and the group head of human resource development at Infosys, Krish Shankar said, “We will soon talk to colleges for freshers who will join next year. We have to talk to them when they will be ready (for the campus programme) and there will be newer processes like remote (onboarding),”.

He added, “We have onboarded most of the lateral hires to whom we have given offers remotely. On onboarding of freshers from campus (who were given job offers last year), we will honour all those offers and make the announcement in due course,”.

Why Would This Happen?

It is said that Indian IT services firms are adding more number of people on the junior level in order to maintain the right employee pyramid structure. 

Also, most of them are also doing cost optimisation by reducing the number of staffers in the mid-level.

Although, the HR head of Infosys said otherwise, saying the company was not following any cost optimisation moves. 

What Does Infosys Say?

Mr Shankar said, “There is no optimization (in the mid-level). Last year, we hired a lot many people at the junior level. What we have also done is that we have not done promotion at the leadership level. So, there is no optimisation of the workforce but there is, of course, focus on how we remain effective,”.

Although there is no focus on employee optimisation at offshore locations, Infosys will continue its localisation drive in the US and European geographies.

Mr Shankar said, “Localisation will continue as there is a demand for resources from clients. Some of it may change due to remote working but it will continue. So, as long as demand is there, we need local talent with the right skill,”.

The attrition of the company would come down further in the coming quarters owing to its employee engagement initiatives and the ongoing pandemic, he added.

He said, “Two years back, our attrition was more than 20 per cent, which has come down to around 15 per cent (organic) in Q4FY20. With Covid-19, it will come down further,”.

Further, the company said, many employee engagement initiatives such as power programmes and bridge programmes for employees have helped the firm to reduce the attrition level.

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