Benched IT Employees In Cognizant, Hexaware Forced To Resign; Capgemini Cancelling Earned Leaves

Benched IT Employees In Cognizant, Hexaware Forced To Resign; Capgemini Cancelling Earned Leaves
Benched IT Employees In Cognizant, Hexaware Forced To Resign; Capgemini Cancelling Earned Leaves

Instead of killing the deadly virus, lockdown did kill hundreds of jobs crossing the sectoral barriers, it has hurt employees in the manufacturing and services industries.

How Did This Happen?

As per the reports, the IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) sectors are witnessing a bloodbath right now, thanks to the pay cuts and job losses.

As industry sources say, hundreds of workers are being asked to go on unpaid leaves till July, or, even worse, being fired. 

While, the threat is accentuated for those on the bench — who are not handling any projects currently. 

According to sources, more than 700 employees in Cognizant were asked to leave the company between May 31 and June 2. 

The sources also said that the actual number could be much higher.

On one hand, losing a job at these turbulent times is troublesome enough, a few other companies have even refused to pay up pending salaries. 

As per the reports, Hexaware Technologies has given just a verbal communication to its bench employees, that they won’t be paid for the months of May, June, and July.

Also, those who continue to be on the bench after July would be terminated.

According to an associate consultant “We were informed about this over the phone in the first week of April. Many of us received the May salary, but some are being asked to quit immediately,”.

So far, many of these actions are a blatant violation of labor laws, the practices continue unabated.

What About Safety Or Job Security?       

Apart from these companies, a resident of Chennai working for Capgemini in Bengaluru, says his company is forcing him to exhaust his leaves and later go on a loss of pay.

According to AJ Vinod of the All India Forum for IT Employees (AIFITE), several IT firms in Chennai are resorting to lay-offs. Although, the numbers are not too big, yet.

Also, employees from CTS, Hexaware, and other firms have contacted the AIFITE.

He further said, “We have written to these individual companies, Tamil Nadu labor commissioner, and the Union government to take appropriate action.”  

What About Violating Government Norms?

On March 29, the Central government issued strict orders to all employers to pay wages to workers without any deduction for the period when their establishment was closed down due to the lockdown.

The issue of non-payment of salaries has arisen, despite the fact that most techies continued to work from home during the lockdown. 

Further, the Secretary (Labour & Employment) had written to chief secretaries of all States to advise employers not to terminate employees from their job, or reduce their wages amid the challenging situation of the pandemic. 

Although, compared to other sectors, IT industry has largely been unaffected by the lockdown. 

Even, some firms have registered an increase in productivity at the same time.

In the meantime, the employment portals are offering special features and assistance to help laid-off employees quickly find another job.  

Adding to that, Naukri has introduced a new feature in its portal called ‘Step-up’. 

Chief Business Officer,, Pawan Goyal said that the initiative will highlight and boost profiles of these jobseekers to recruiters, thereby improving the chances of getting shortlisted.

The Director and CEO of CIEL HR, Aditya Narayan Mishra said Chennai is the worst among all other metros in terms of recovery, witnessing a slump of 70 percent.

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