Current Job Openings At Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, HCL You Can Apply Right Now [May, 2020]

Current Job Openings At Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, HCL You Can Apply Right Now [May, 2020]

Current Job Openings At Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, HCL You Can Apply Right Now [May, 2020]

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdowns have caused many enterprises to tighten their belts and have shown less appetite for hiring.

However, not every company has halted the hiring procedure altogether whereas some companies are looking for domain specific skills and roles — majorly with digital expertise. 

Read to find more about the open positions in some of the top companies…



Position: Data Center Networking Technologies Operation.

Location: Bangalore.

Experience: Not Specified.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree.

The IT major is hiring a Cloud Operations Engineer — who will be responsible for managing the cloud infrastructure through technology administration via operating systems, databases, virtual networks. The job profile also includes looking after the execution and monitoring automations, acting as an SME for all com, or automation processes and requests.

The requirements of the job include skilled in the cloud infrastructure, routing including datacenter devices on NX-OS IOS-XR platform and cloud networking concept.

Interested candidates can apply here.

SAP Labs

Position: Cloud Security Architect

Location: Bangalore.

Experience: Minimum 8 years.

Eligibility: Experience with Data Protection & Privacy concepts

SAP Cloud SME Solutions & Content platform is inviting applications for a cloud security architect in the development team. The selected candidate will define and guide the architectural decisions in line with the security and secure programming principles.

The job profile includes work with application solution architects, development architects, product owners, developers and quality assurance team for end-to-end coordination. This includes design, development, testing, documentation, maintenance and support activities. The candidate will also conduct security code scans including regression testing for security vulnerabilities.

The candidate must have an understanding of data protection and privacy concepts, working knowledge of static and dynamic security scan tools, programming languages like Node, Java and experience with penetration testing.

Interested candidates can apply here.

HCL Technologies

Position: Product Marketing Specialist- Medical Device

Location: Chennai.

Experience: Minimum 13 years

Eligibility: Not Specified

HCL Technologies is welcoming applications for Product Managers in the medical devices industry. The selected candidate will work on marketing, management and development of medical devices or any Implant device. He will be responsible for clinical evidence gathering and product marketing by collaborating with the marketing and engineering team.

To apply, the candidate must have experience in sales and marketing in the medical device industry. The interview shall be conducted via telephonic and video platforms due to the COVID crisis. 

Interested candidates can apply here.


Position: Digital Experience

Location: Mysore.

Experience: Minimum 2 years

Eligibility: Bachelor of Engineering

Infosys is hiring a systems engineer, technical analyst who will be responsible for the design, development and validation. He will look after the architectural requirements and ensure knowledge management as per the organisation’s processes.

The applicants must have experience in technologies like Java with agile & devops, android, IOS, angular, react and ECM technologies. 

Interested candidates can apply here.


Position: Golang Developer

Location: Hyderabad, Bangalore.

Experience: Minimum 8 years

Eligibility: Not Specified.

Wipro is looking for a Golang developer who will work on backend system development.

The job profile requires the candidate to have strong fundamentals and algorithmic skills, API integration skills, and experience with writing unit testing, database connectivity and tools like Jenkins. He should have working experience on Unix/Linux platforms.

Interested candidates can apply here.

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