Maruti Suzuki Gets 5000 Online Bookings During #Lockdown! 2300 Cars Already Dispatched From Manesar

Maruti Suzuki Gets 5000 Online Bookings During #Lockdown! 2300 Cars Already Dispatched From Manesar
Maruti Suzuki Gets 5000 Online Bookings During #Lockdown! 2300 Cars Already Dispatched From Manesar

In a great turn of events, Maruti Suzuki has already initiated the operations and has also announced that online bookings have now crossed 5000. 

After the Coronavirus disease outbreak resulted in a lockdown, Maruti Suzuki reported zero sales in the month of March. Not only Maruti Suzuki but the other car manufacturers were also expected to follow suit, thanks to the Coronavirus disease spreading rapidly to every nook and corner of the country.

Find out more details about how Maruti Suzuki will provide cars despite the lockdown!

Maruti Suzuki Reports 5000 Online Bookings During Lockdown; 2300 Cars Dispatched

As the lockdown in the country continues, every automobile manufacturer out there is now heavily relying on the online mode of booking and buying platforms for selling their cars. Maruti Suzuki is no exception to this and is promoting online bookings and buying platforms so that customers can book cars online. 

RC Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki, revealed while talking at the company’s Financial Results, “We have received over 5000 bookings online. 2300 cars  have been despatched and 1900 workshops have resumed operations.”

There are many cities that are still counted in the red or the orange zone, despite which, the company has managed to dispatch more than 2300 cars from its Manesar facility. The Manesar plant of Maruti resumed its operations this month.

As per reports, Maruti Suzuki has also resumed its retail operations in one-third of its total dealerships, and about 60 percent of these dealerships are in rural areas.

The company has reportedly faced a 28.1 percent decline in profits in the last quarter of FY 2019-20, sinking down to Rs. 1291.70 crores. In the same duration, the company has sold 360,428 vehicles, which is a decline of 16 percent as compared to that of the last fiscal year.

Maruti Suzuki Issues SOPs For Its Dealer Partners To Help Fight Coronavirus

To effectively deal with the Coronavirus situation, Maruti Suzuki has issued a set of SOPs (standard operating procedures) for its dealer partners to follow. These SOPs will ensure safety and health guidelines are being followed and social distancing is maintained.

These guidelines suggest that customers will need to make appointments before visiting the showroom and they will only be entertained one at a time. Additionally, the staff and the visitors will be required to undergo thermal scanning before entering the sales or service outlets. Also, test drives will be given only if customers ask for one, and after every drive, the vehicle will be compulsorily sanitized. 

Also, the seats of the test cars will be covered with disposable covers, which will be replaced after every test drive.

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