Wipro Techie Commits Suicide: Was It Fear Of Losing Job? This Is What Wipro Is Saying

Wipro Techie Commits Suicide After Losing Job; Wipro Says She Was Never Fired
Wipro Techie Commits Suicide After Losing Job; Wipro Says She Was Never Fired

In a tragic incident, a Wipro employee from Kerala has died after committing suicide.

As per the police and their first information reports, she committed suicide apparently after being told that her project has been shelved, and her team is being relocated to another city.

Was it fear of losing her job?

However, there are conflicting reports emerging. 

Wipro has strongly denied any layoff. As per Wipro, and some other reports, she was not fired, her team was asked to relocate to Hyderabad.

Whatever be the reason, a life has been lost, and it’s a shame for the entire IT industry.

Wipro Techie Suicide: What Exactly Happened

Jeenamol Joseph, aged 26, was the daughter of PJ Joseph and Graisamma from Puthenparambil at Kavalam in Alappuzha district of Kerala. 

She was employed with Wipro and had relocated to Kochi as her office was in Kochi’s Infopark.

However, during the lockdown, she was at her home in Kavalam, Alappuzha and working from home.

As per OpenMagazine, she received a call from her office on May 6th that she has been fired from her job. She informed this to her parents, had dinner, and then went back to her room.

Later, she was found hanging as she committed suicide.

Station house officer told: “In our primary investigation, we understand that the girl committed suicide out of grief for losing the job,”

The FIR lodged by her brother states that she “had faced mental trauma and resentment over losing her job, which caused her to end her life.” However, the FIR hs no mention of Wipro anywhere.

Other employees at Infopark are also worried about their jobs, but, as per the report published in Open Magazine, no one is speaking about it.

“This silence is so scary,”, said one employee who is also working with Wipro at Kochi’s Infopark.

Wipro Denies; Says She Was Never Fired

Wipro has made an offiicial statement on this news, and they have strongly opposed this narrative that they had fired Jeenamol, which apparently caused her to kill her helf.

Wipro said to TheNewsMinute: “We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the passing of our colleague. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family and we will extend all possible support to them in this hour of grief. We will also extend our cooperation to the local investigating authorities. She was a Wipro employee and there is no truth in the rumors that she was laid off.  

Separately, the speculation related to the workforce is unfounded and has no basis. Wipro categorically denies these rumors.  Also, the company wants to reiterate that there are no retrenchment plans. Wipro has well defined policies and people practices in place,”

An unknown source from Infopark has informed that Jeenamol’s process at Kochi was related with credit cards, and the project was shelved. Hence, entire team was asked to relocate to Hyderabad, to work in any other project.

Maybe this causes mental trauma to Jeenamol, and she decided to end her life. The case is being investigated as we speak.

The source said, “According to some of the employees, she was informed by colleagues via a phone call that the company had laid her off. This caused her a lot of trauma and she decided to kill herself. However, other sources at Infopark state that her project – which dealt with credit cards – had been shelved and that the whole team had been asked to take a transfer to Hyderabad post lockdown. She was upset with this and decided to kill herself,”

Our heart goes out to the family and friends of Jeenamol Joseph, who lost her due reasons which could have been avoided.


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