Shri Krishna Coming On Doordarshan Soon! Will This Be A Hit Like Ramayana, Mahabharat?

Shri Krishna Coming On Doordarshan Soon!
Shri Krishna Coming On Doordarshan Soon!

After the mythological shows Ramayana and Mahabharat ended, the public took to Twitter asking the channel to rerun another old classic, Shri Krishna on the DD National channel.

Doordarshan has made the top of the charts thanks to the reruns of the popular old shows. In fact, the channel has broken its own records and become the most watched television channel for two consecutive weeks. 

And with the decision of re-broadcasting the Shri Krishna epic, the channel will probably hold up its records for three times in a row!

Doordarshan To Rerun Another Mythological Show Shri Krishna Soon

One of the very few good things that resulted from the deadly Coronavirus and the lockdown is the reruns of the old classics, Ramayana, Mahabharata, on Doordarshan.

After these classics, the public has demanded that Shri Krishna be played on the channel again too. Giving in to the public demand, DD national has announced that they will be playing the popular classic, Shri Krishna, by Ramanand Sagar once again.

The mythological serial, Shri Krishna, has been written and directed by Ramanand Sagar. It was first broadcasted on July 19, 1993, and ran till 1996. 

As per reports, the show has been one of the biggest grosser for the DD National channel in the mid to late 90’s period. The show reportedly earned more than Rs. 100 crore back then. 

Prasar Bharati CEO Confirms News; Tweets Serial “Coming Soon”

The series is an adaptation of the stories of the life of Krishna. These stories are based on Bhagavata Purana, Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Harivamsa, Vishnu Purana, Padma Purana, Garga Samhita, Bhagavad Gita & Mahabharat.

The CEO of Prasar Bharati, Shashi Shekhar, has confirmed the news on Twitter as well. With a small video, he tweeted, “Coming soon”.

Thanks to the reruns of the old classics, the DD National channel has become the most watched channel for two consecutive weeks, breaking its own records. In the 13th week of the year, from March 28 to April 3, the channel received 1.5 billion viewership figures. 

This is the highest record ever created in the channel’s history, ever since it was launched on 15 September 1959.

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